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Jonkheer Dirk de Graeff van Polsbroek (Amsterdam, August 28, 1833 – 1916) was a dutch noble man and successful diplomat. He layed the foundation stone for a modern western (european) diplomacy in Japan.[1]


Dirk de Graeff van Polsbroek (ca. 1863)

Dirk de Graeff van Polsbroek was a son of Gerrit de Graeff (IV) van Zuid-Polsbroek and Carolina Ursulina Stephania Engels. His younger brother Gijsbert Carel Rutger Reinier de Graeff was a higher officier in Soerabaja in the Dutch East Indies. De Graeff van Polsbroek was married to Bonne Elisabeth Royer (a grandchildren of Adriana Petronella Rijksgravin van Nassau-LaLecq, a direct descendant of William the Silent and his son Maurice of Oranje). One of his five childrens was the politican Andries Cornelis Dirk de Graeff.

Between the years 1859 and 1870, De Graeff van Polsbroek was the dutch consul, ambassador, generalconsul and dutch minister and Plenipotentiary in Japan.[2] He was the first western diplomat, who visited the japanese Meiji, and at this time he became Meijis advisor for his international diplomaticy with the european countries. De Graeff van Polsbroek was now able to layed the foundation stone for a modern western diplomacy in Japan.

In 1868 De Graeff van Polsbroek signed together with the swedish king Charles XV the "Vänskaps-, handels- och sjöfartstraktat", a Treaty for Norway, Sweden and Japan.[3]

Back in europe in 1870, De Graeff van Polsbroek became the dutch ambassador in Prussia, Danmark, Sweden and Norway for years, and signed some contractes for Belgium, Danmark, Sweden/Norway and Japan.



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