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Dirty Hands
Directed by Cetywa Powell
Written by Cetywa Powell
Cinematography Juan Ruiz Anchia
Distributed by Arclight Films (International)
Release date(s) 2008
Country United States
Language English

Dirty Hands is an (2008) political drama. The story shows war’s cyclical nature and the psychological and human destruction ultimately caused to both sides. The movie is inspired by the plays of Jean-Paul Sartre.



Five Middle Eastern captives fight to retain their sanity and dignity in the face of their American interrogators, who in turn struggle with demons of their own.

Cast and crew

  • U.S. Army Interrogator Colonel Robert Klein (army interrogator --Iraq and Afghanistan; combat veteran --Iraq and Panama)
  • Casting Director: Mali Finn (The film was one of Mali Finn's last projects as casting director before her retirement.)

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