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Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs
Developer(s) Gray Matter[1][2]
Publisher(s) Mindscape[2]
License Commercial
Engine Proprietary
Platform(s) NES[2]
Release date(s) NA December 1990
Genre(s) Action[2]
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Cartridge
Input methods NES controller

Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs is a 1990 video game based on Dirty Harry film franchise starring Clint Eastwood.



Harry Callahan is a San Francisco police detective who rarely follows police protocol. A powerful druglord known as "The Anaconda" has created a burgeoning drug-smuggling operation by recruiting all of San Francisco's drug gangs. Harry must crack the case and take down the kingpin himself on Alcatraz.[3]


The game is a side-scroller, in which players must guide Dirty Harry throughout San Francisco. He wears a blue suit, although it can be exchanged for a white suit. He wields his signature .44 magnum, and players have to ability to draw the weapon without actually firing it. This allows the player to walk around while aiming at punks and dare them to feel lucky. Most notable, in reference to real-life handguns, the .44 also exhibits a recoil effect when fired.

Other weapons consist of LAWs rockets, harpoon guns, and explosive remote-controlled cars. When injured, Harry's health can be restored by eating chili dogs.



On the first level Harry must navigate through the back alleys and sewers, in an attempt to find The Toymaker. For the streets are in a non-linear manner, Harry can enter most of the buildings to confiscate drugs or collect power-ups and weapons. But aside from grabbing some extra ammunition, the buildings are largely secondary to completing the level.


Harry clean up the docks and searches for the spear gun. He also has to find Longshore, who protects himself with bulletproof clothing.


On the island, a small army is trying to stop Harry as well as General Ripper. Harry must fight his way onto the island, climb several cliffs, and make his way into the center of the prison to reach "The Anaconda."[4]

Film References

Although it is non-canon to the film series and novels, it however incorporates several references to the film series.[5] The game uses digitized speech to deliver both of Harry's famous lines ("Make my day", "I know what you're thinking..."), and the showdown occurs on Alcatraz island. This feature pre-dates Duke Nukem 3D's many digitized phrases by only six years[6].

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