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Disco Extravaganza / Army of Lovers
Studio album by Army of Lovers
Released Spring 1990
Genre Pop, Dance
Label Ton Son Ton
Producer Alexander Bard, Anders Hansson, Anders Wollbeck, Ola Håkansson, Tim Norell, Emil Hellman, Magnus Frykberg
Army of Lovers chronology
Disco Extravaganza / Army of Lovers
Massive Luxury Overdose
Singles from Disco Extravaganza
  1. "Love Me Like A Loaded Gun"
    Released: May 1988
  2. "Baby's Got A Neutron Bomb"
    Released: October 1989
  3. "Ride The Bullet (first release)"
    Released: February 1990
  4. "My Army Of Lovers"
    Released: May 1990
  5. "Supernatural"
    Released: June 1990
  6. "My Army Of Lovers"
    Released: August 1991

Disco Extravaganza / Army of Lovers is Army of Lovers' first studio album. The album was released in 1990 and called Disco Extravaganza in Europe, in the USA it was released (in 1991) as Army of Lovers. The tracklist is slightly different: some songs are remixed for the US version. It is an experimental album, containing a lot of strange tracks and songs. "Supernatural" and "Ride the Bullet" were re-recorded and re-used with "My Army of Lovers" as tracks for Massive Luxury Overdose, the band's second and most successful album. Sales Figures of the album hangs around 100.000 - 200.000 Copies. Remastered Version of the album was released in 2007.

Viva La Vogue was used in the soundtrack of Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

Track listing

  1. Birds Of Prey (1:11)
  2. Ride The Bullet (4:17)
  3. Supernatural (4:11)
  4. Viva La Vogue (3:33)
  5. Shoot That Laserbeam (Re-Recorded Version) (4:23)
  6. Love Me Like A Loaded Gun (The 1990 Remix) (4:58)
  7. Baby's Got A Neutron Bomb (The 1990 Remix) (3:24)
  8. Love Revolution (3:59)
  9. Scorpio Rising (4:33)
  10. Mondo Trasho (4:24)
  11. Dog (4:05)
  12. My Army Of Lovers (3:28)
  13. Hey Mr DJ (3:46)
  14. I Am The Amazon (The 1990 Remix) (4:14)
  15. Planet Coma 3AM (3:56)

Some tracks like Love Me Like A Loaded Gun, Ride The Bullet and Supernatural were re-recorded later to be offered as more attractive single versions.

Chart positions

Year Titel Chart positions
1990 "Disco Extravaganza" - - - 49


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