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Displacement may refer to:


Physical sciences



  • Displacement (vector), in Newtonian mechanics, specifies the change in position of a point in reference to a previous position. In simple terms, it's the difference between the initial position and the final position of an object


  • Engine displacement, the total volume of air/fuel mixture an engine can draw in during one complete engine cycle
  • Displacement (fluid), an object immersed in a fluid pushes it out of the way
  • Displacement has several meanings related to ships and boats
    • Displacement hull, where the moving hull's weight is supported by buoyancy alone and it must displace water from its path rather than planing on the water's surface
    • Displacement speed, a rule of thumb for non planing watercraft to estimate their theoretical maximum speed
    • Displacement (ship), several related measurements of a ship's weight
  • Displacement mapping, a technique in 3D computer graphics


the reaction making the exchange of ions




  • Displacement: Languages can be used to communicate ideas about things that are not in the immediate vicinity either spatially or temporally (the opposite of the out of sight, out of mind concept). One of the properties that separates Human Language from Animal Language.

Behavioral and social sciences


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Simple English

Displacement is a word. It means that something is moved. More specifically, this movement can be:

  • A displacement vector, from the original position to the current one.
  • A special move in fencing to avoid an attack.
  • Forced migration - people having to move to somewhere else, because of violence, war, or another reason.
  • Displacement (surgery) - When a bone is broken, this refers to moving around the different parts of the broken bone.
  • Displacement (psychology) - A subconscious defense reaction.


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