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== History ==

The Headmaster XII Era

The first incarnation of District Six was formed many generations ago as a governing body to advise and counsel the Headmaster. As the years passed, the Council became more elaborate, and their somewhat archaic principles soon became outdated in the fair, equal society. For instance, women were not allowed onto the Council body, an issue that became one of contention between Headmaster XII and Mr. Deadman, who at the time, was seen as an enthusiastic, young moderniser. His polices of reform angered Headmaster XII and the somewhat hard line members of the council. Despite the differences in opinion, Mr Deadman and his team were elected onto the District VI body. The first of their reforms was to modernise their image, changing the name to District Six. They still hold office today, as tribute to their success.

To the students, Headmaster XII was a pleasant, if austere headmaster, yet, inside him, beat a heart of hedonism and gluttony, and pure malice, this became all too apparent to the school when he fell off the stage and he was mocked. This public embarrassment led to his polite exterior being dropped, the school were able to see their headmaster for what he was. The school had, in recent years, flourished under his guiding hand, now however; it became more apparent that he had no desire to teach his pupils, all he sought was fame and fortune.

He became a virtual recluse, only leaving his Office to take assembly, and on the rare occasions he emerged during a break, he would do so clad in his ornamental finery. Some said he took the business of headmastership far too seriously- and they only had to point to the six-thousand-strong school council to reinforce this claim.

As he rarely showed his face around the school, he attacked his advisors- the council- viciously, often deliberately seeking to divide opinion on the most important of issues. Of course, the arguments always fell between two camps, the hard line councillors of Headmaster XII's heyday, and the young radicals who followed Mr Deadman's reformed District Six.

In a show of power, in order to dissuade people from following Mr Deadman, and to reclaim some authority inside the Council body, Headmaster XII added fine ornaments to the Chamber, beginning a policy of pomp and circumstance, he even went as far as to enslave District Six into building a monstrous chair, atop which Headmaster XII languished, almost out of sight.

As the bitter feud continued, Headmaster XII began a 'dirty tricks war' against District Six, employing them in menial tasks, such as filling out forms and paperwork, and throwing paper at them. He also lied to the council, using a policy of fear to convert them to his line of thought. He told them of life after death, those who followed him faithfully would ascend to council heaven, those, who did not do as asked- like Mr Deadman, fill out forms eternally, in the agony of council hell.

To strengthen his hand against District Six, Headmaster XII declared the situation an emergency, and using the powers granted by The Bill of the Headmaster's Rights, formed his own body of six advisors, totally loyal to him, in doing so breaking the laws established at the foundation of the very first council and bypassing the democratic process entirely. They were named Borough Six, and are comparable to the inquisitors of medieval fame. Their main role was to suffocate the powers of District Six through whatever means achievable. In practise, they were beaurocratic and officious, preferring to do things exactly by the book, in contrast to District Six's radicalism. Because of this, Headmaster XII could rule them easily; however, in the fight against District Six, they were no match for Mr Deadman's imaginative schemes. It can be assumed that this is where the more unorthodox council procedure implemented by District Six today first originated. Due to this, the decision making process was completely bypassed; the main council and District Six had no say in any matters.

As a result of this, education suffered, halting completely. Mr Deadman recognised this, and was duly concerned, and enlisted the help of then deputy headmaster Mr Azzaro to keep Headmaster XII in check. One such example of Mr Azzaro's intervention was to save a boy from being bludgeoned to death by Headmaster XII. This was the first emergency measure implemented by District Six. They then used The Bill of the Constitutional Right of Any District Six Member to Take Immediate Charge of the St. Andrews CE High School For Boys In A Time of Crisis if They so See Fit in Accordance with Articles Six to Ten Inclusive, to enable Mr Deadman to manage school affairs concurrently with his own.

This was of little concern to Headmaster XII, who now spent all his waking hours inside his newly entitled "Throne Room", and these waking hours were many, as he had little time for sleep, becoming haggard and repulsive in appearance.

However, he thought that he had lost all influence, and decided to split the Council into two, out of spite, to this end, he built a massive, ugly wall dividing the two halves of the chamber. He commanded one side with his followers, and District Six and the Radical Reformers occupied the other. As a result of this, decision making ground to a complete halt.

Some of the teaching staff decided the situation had spiralled out of all control, and urged Mr Azzaro to seek a solution with the help of well respected Head of English Mr Briscoe. To this end, the two locked themselves in Mr Azzaro's office and worked without rest to devise a method that would be totally foolproof at restricting Headmaster XII's power. Meanwhile in the Council Chamber, it had transpired that Headmaster XII had in fact terminated the contracts of all the council members on his half of the council. He cited financial reasons as the cause, but it soon became apparent that this was not so.

Before he could terminate Mr Azzaro's contract, he was presented with the fruits of Mr Azzaro and Mr Briscoe's labour: the Magna Charta, a few of the more important clauses are shown below:

12: The council is to be reunified under your leadership, but District Six will once again have the leading role in the decision making process
17: Borough Six is to be disbanded with immediate effect; they are under no condition to ever be employed again at St. Andrews, or any other such body which questions the authority of District Six.
54. The Bill of the Headmaster's Rights is to only be implemented during a genuine emergency as confirmed by Mr Azzaro.
80. The Council Wall is to be torn down.
470. Staff whom are being considered for sacking must be reviewed by a body comprising of yourself, Mr Azzaro and District Six, only when genuine reasons for sacking have been established can the staff member's contract be terminated. The exception to this rule is Mr Azzaro, whom under absolutely no circumstances whatsoever, no matter how urgent the emergency, can his contract be terminated
471. You are to be the best man at the District Six wedding.

For reasons that were unknown at that time, Headmaster XII readily agreed, claiming that the conflict had gone too far. The wedding in question was marriage of the male members of District Six to the three female members.

At the wedding, the remaining council rejoiced, as they saw a new beginning, with Mr. Deadman at the figurehead. They were so overjoyed that they did not question why Headmaster XII was clad entirely in black, as appropriate for a funeral. Instead, they were glad that he had brought his newborn son along to join in the celebrations.

Headmaster XII finally brought the long running feud to a bloody conclusion shortly after the exchange of wedding vows. He excused himself from the reception with the immortal words: 'I'm just going to the toilet'. The council were left questioning this, as there was no toilet present. They were even more surprised to find him return with a huge machine gun, torn from its base, and proceed to ruthlessly gun down the assembled council members. All three thousand were massacred, except District Six, who in the confusion, managed to save his son and escape the chilling scene.

It had transpired that Headmaster XII only signed the Magna Charta as it actually gave him more freedom to attack the council without their suspicions being raised, he also wished to destroy the school he once raised out of spite for Mr Deadman, and it also transpired that the sacking of his council members was part of this elaborate process. Having evaded the law, he decided to quit while he was ahead, by using the Bill of the Headmaster's Emergency Rights, which purportedly cancelled out everything, although it didn’t really exist. He decided to shut the school down and retire to a huge country manor he was able to afford with stolen school funds.

District Six meanwhile, split up, and, each member consumed with hatred, lost all sanity, which may explain their actions today. The first of these was to convene simultaneously, without prior arrangement or discussion, or in fact meeting at all, at Headmaster XII's manor, confronting him whilst he gardened, and burying him alive, killing him as a result of the process.

However, the conflict itself was not buried, and Mr. Deadman decided to concoct a scheme, honed by his brilliant, if insane mind.


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