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At the top level of administration, the Eastern European country of Belarus is divided into six voblasts (meaning "provinces" or "regions") and the city of Minsk,[1] which has a special status being the capital of Belarus. Misnk is also the capital of Minsk Voblast (Minsk Province).[2]

At the second level, the voblasts are divided into raions ("districts").

The layout and extent of the voblasts were set in 1960 when Belarus (then Byelorussian SSR) was a part of the Soviet Union.[3]



No. Subdivision Capital Belarusian Population
(01.01.2009 est.)[4]
Subdivisions of Belarus.png
1 Minsk (capital) Мiнск 1,829,100
2 Brest Province Brest Брэсцкая вобласць 1,433,100
3 Homiel Province Gomel Гомельская вобласць 1,464,500
4 Hrodna Province Hrodna Гродзенская вобласць 1,102,800
5 Mahilyow Province Mogilev Магілёўская вобласць 1,123,100
6 Minsk Province Minsk Мiнская вобласць 1,454,000
7 Vitsebsk Province Vitebsk Вiцебская вобласць 1,265,300


At the start of the 20th century, the boundaries of the Belarusian lands within the Russian Empire were still being defined. The amount of territory that was called Belarus contained the entire provinces (guberniyas) of Minsk and Mogilev, the majority of Hrodna, parts of Vitebsk and the parts of Vilna (the latter is now in Lithuania).[3]

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