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A District (Albanian: Rreth, Serbian: Дистрикт, transliterated Distrikt) is the higher-level administrative division of both the Kosovo (UNMIK) protectorate and the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo, over the earlier territory (1990 to 1999) of the Serbian Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. It was also an administrative unit in the latter. The districts of Kosovo are based on the Districts of Kosovo and Metohija.

In Albanian they are also called Komuna or Distrikt, as in Komuna e Mitrovicës or Distrikti i Mitrovicës.

UNMIK reform of 2000

UNMIK's districts of Kosovo

The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) introduced the following changes to the districts and municipalities of Kosovo (UNMIK) in 2000:

Serbia protested about the new territorial division and does not see it as legitimate, but by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo administration implemented it regardless of Serbia's protests, because it has such authority established by virtue of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244. Similarly the local authorities of Kosovo objected the Serbia nominal sovereignity over Kosovo (also confirmed by the UNSCR 1244) and in 2008 declared unilateraly indepence, but it is not yet recognized by the UN and thus the Kosovo (UNMIK) protectorate continues to function according to UNSCR 1244.

The UNMIK administration (established in 1999), replaced the Districts of Kosovo and Metohia with new districts of Kosovo (UNMIK). The new districts are:

District Capital Area
in km²
in 2002 (rank)
per km²
District of Đakovica
(Đakovički okrug/Gjakova District)
RR GJA.png
Đakovica 1042 242,077 232
District of Gnjilane
(Gnjilanski okrug/Gjilani District)
RR GJI.png
District of Kosovska Mitrovica
(Kosovskomitrovački okrug/Komuna e Mitrovicës)
RR MI.png
Kosovska Mitrovica
District of Peć
(Pećki okrug/Peja District)
RR PE.png
District of Pristina
(Prištinski okrug/Komuna e Prishtinës)
RR PR.png
District of Prizren
(Prizrenski okrug/Prizreni District)
RR PZ.png
District of Uroševac
(Uroševački okrug/Ferizaji District)
RR FE.png

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