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Districts (Serbian: Окрузи, Okruzi ) are the administrative units of Serbia, comprising several municipalities each. They are defined by the Government of Serbia Enactment of 29 January 1992



The slavic word okrug (округ) denotes administrative subdivision in some states. Its etymology is similar to the German Kreis, circle (in the meaning of administrative division) (although translated in German as Bezirk): okrug is literally something "encircling". In the subdivisions of Serbia, the term is translated as district, sometimes as county.


Districts and municipalities of Serbia

The territorial order of the Republic of Serbia is regulated by the Law on Territorial Organization, adopted in the National Assembly on 29 December 2007.[1] According to the law, "Territorial organization of the Republic comprises municipalities and cities are the territorial units where the local autonomy is exercised, city of Belgrade as a separate territorial unit, and autonomous provinces as a form of territorial autonomy".

By its Enactment of 29 January 1992, the Government of Serbia defined the districts as "regional centers of state authority", enacting affairs run by the relevant Ministries. Additionally, since the adoption of UNSCR 1244 in 1999 the southern Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is placed under administration of UN authorities as Kosovo (UNMIK) that made a reform to its subdivisions. Currently the Republic of Serbia is divided into 29 districts (in Central Serbia, Vojvodina and Kosovo) + district city of Belgrade.[2]

List of districts


Districts in Central Serbia

Districts in Central Serbia
District Capital Area
in km²
in 2002 (rank)
per km²
Municipalities and cities Settlements
City of Belgrade
(Grad Beograd)
Serbia Belgrade.png
Belgrade 3,222.68 1,576,124 488 159
Bor District
(Borski okrug)
Map of Bor.PNG
Bor 3,507 146,551 41.8 90
Braničevo District
(Braničevski okrug)
Map of Branicevo.PNG
Požarevac 3,865 200,503 51.9
Jablanica District
(Jablanički okrug)
Map of Jablanica.PNG
Leskovac 2,769 240,923 87.0 336
Kolubara District
(Kolubarski okrug)
Map of Kolubara.PNG
Valjevo 2,474 192,204 77.7 218
Mačva District
(Mačvanski okrug)
Map of Mačva.PNG
Šabac 3,268 329,625 100.9 228
Moravica District
(Moravički okrug)
Map of Moravica.PNG
Čačak 3,016 224,772 74.5 206
Nišava District
(Nišavski okrug)
Map of Nišava.PNG
Niš 2,729 381,757 139.9 285
Pčinja District
(Pčinjski okrug)
Map of Pčinja.PNG
Vranje 3,520 227,690 64.7 363
Pirot District
(Pirotski okrug)
Map of Pirot.PNG
Pirot 2,761 105,654 38.3 214
Podunavlje District
(Podunavski okrug)
Map of Podunavlje.PNG
Smederevo 1,248 210,290 168.5 58
Pomoravlje District
(Pomoravski okrug)
Map of Pomoravlje.PNG
Jagodina 2,614 227,435 87.0 191
Rasina District
(Rasinski okrug)
Map of Rasina.PNG
Kruševac 2,667 259,441 96 296
Raška District
(Raški okrug)
Map of Raška.PNG
Kraljevo 3,918 291,230 74.3 359
Šumadija District
(Šumadijski okrug)
Map of Šumadija.PNG
Kragujevac 2,387 298,778 125.2 174
Toplica District
(Toplički okrug)
Map of Toplica.PNG
Prokuplje 2,231 102,075 45.7 267
Zaječar District
(Zaječarski okrug)
Map of Zaječar.PNG
Zaječar 3,623 137,561 37.7 173
Zlatibor District
(Zlatiborski okrug)
Map of Zlatibor.PNG
Užice 6,140 313,396 51.0 438

Districts in Vojvodina

Districts in Vojvodina
District Capital Area
in km²
in 2002 (rank)
per km²
Municipalities and cities Settlements
Central Banat District
(Srednje-banatski okrug)
Map of Central Banat.PNG
Zrenjanin 3,256 208,456 64.0 55
North Bačka District
(Severnobački okrug)
Map of North Backa.PNG
Subotica 1,784 200,140 112.2 45
North Banat District
(Severno-banatski okrug)
Map of North Banat.PNG
Kikinda 2,329 165,881 71.2 50
South Bačka District
(Južnobački okrug)
Map of South Backa.PNG
Novi Sad 4,016 593,666 147.8 77
South Banat District
(Južno-banatski okrug)
Map of South Banat.PNG
Pančevo 4,245 313,937 73.6 94
Srem District
(Sremski okrug)
Map of Srem.PNG
Sremska Mitrovica 3,486 335,901 96.4 109
West Bačka District
(Zapadno-bački okrug)
Map of West Backa.PNG
Sombor 2,420 214,011 88.4 37

Districts in Kosovo and Metohija

Districts and municipalities in Kosovo and Metohia

Five of the Districts of Serbia are in what it claims as the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija, with 28 municipalities and 1 city. In 1999, UNMIK created 7 Districts of Kosovo and 30 Municipalities of Kosovo. Serbia does not exercise sovereignty over this polity.

District Capital Population
in 2002 (rank)
Municipalities and cities
Kosovo District
('Kosovski okrug')
Map of Kosovo District.PNG
Pristina 672,292
Kosovo-Pomoravlje District
(Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug)
Map of Kosovo-Pomoravlje District.PNG
Gnjilane 217,726
Kosovska Mitrovica District
(Kosovsko - Mitrovački okrug)
Kosovska Mitrovica 275,904
Peć District
(Pećki okrug)
Peć 414,187
Prizren District
(Prizrenski okrug)
Prizren 376,085

For the UNMIK districts and the districts of the Republic of Kosovo (partially internationally rcognized), see Districts of Kosovo.


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