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Men's springboard diving
at the Games of the V Olympiad
Venue Stockholm Olympic Stadium
Dates July 8–9
Competitors 18 from 7 nations
Gold medal    Germany
Silver medal    Germany
Bronze medal    Germany
« 1908 1920»
Diving at the
1912 Summer Olympics
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3 m springboard   men  
10 m platform   men   women
Plain high diving   men  

The men's 3 metre springboard, also known as the spring-board diving competition, was one of four diving events on the diving at the 1912 Summer Olympics programme. The competition was held on Monday July 8, 1912 and Tuesday July 9, 1912.

Eighteen divers from seven nations competed.



The competition was actually held from both 3 metre and 1 metre boards. Divers performed a running plain dive and a running forward somersault from the 1 metre board, a standing plain dive and a running plain dive from the 3 metre board, and three dives of the competitor's choice from the 3 metre board. Five judges scored each diver, giving two results. Each judge gave an ordinal placing for each diver in a group, with the five scores being summed to give a total ordinal points score. The judges also gave scores more closely resembling the modern scoring system.


First round

The two divers who scored the smallest number of points in each group of the first round plus the two best scoring non-qualified divers of all grops advanced to the final. Ordinal placings were used to rank divers within the group, but were not used to determine qualification.

Group 1

Place Diver Points Score
1  Kurt Behrens (GER) 6 80.14
2  Paul Günther (GER) 9 78.14
3  Arthur McAleenan (USA) 15 68.02
4  Ernst Brandsten (SWE) 20 65.02
5  Sven Nylund (SWE) 28 62.60
6  Eskil Brodd (SWE) 29 62.60
7  Oskar Wetzell (FIN) 33 58.70

Group 2

Place Diver Points Score
1  John Jansson (SWE) 5 77.77
2  Albert Zürner (GER) 10 74.64
3  Ernst Eklund (SWE) 16 53.02
4  Carlo Bonfanti (ITA) 19 46.81

Group 3

Place Diver Points Score
1  Hans Luber (GER) 6 77.50
2  Robert Zimmerman (CAN) 11 76.60
3  George Gaidzik (USA) 16 74.03
4  Herbert Pott (GBR) 17 73.94
5  Ernfrid Appelqvist (SWE) 25 62.61
6  Axel Runström (SWE) 30 58.42
7  Erik Tjäder (SWE) 35 53.56


In the final, ordinal placings were the primary ranking method with dive scores being used only to break ties.

Place Diver Points Score
1  Paul Günther (GER) 6 79.23
2  Hans Luber (GER) 9 76.78
3  Kurt Behrens (GER) 22 73.73
4  Albert Zürner (GER) 23 73.33
5  Robert Zimmerman (CAN) 24 72.54
6  Herbert Pott (GBR) 28 71.45
7  John Jansson (SWE) 32 69.64
8  George Gaidzik (USA) 36 68.01



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