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"Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)/Dímelo"
Single by Enrique Iglesias
from the album Insomniac
Released May 15, 2007 (U.S.)
June 11, 2007 (UK)
Format CD single
CD maxi
Digital download
Recorded 2006-2007
Genre Pop, Synthpop
Length 3:44
Label Interscope Records
Writer(s) Sean Garrett
Enrique Iglesias
Munich B*stard
Carlos Paucar
Producer Brian Kidd
Sean Garrett
Enrique Iglesias singles chronology
"Not in Love"
"Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)" / "Dímelo"
"Somebody's Me" / "Alguien Soy Yo"

"Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)"/"Dímelo" is a pop song from singer Enrique Iglesias. It is the first single from his album Insomniac and takes the latter part of its name from the sample of a ping pong ball bouncing that is employed as a percussion track throughout the song.


Lyrics and music

Iglesias insists that people call this song just "Do You Know", as it was his record label that added on "The Ping Pong Song" in a bid to boost the sale of records and make it more distinctive and marketable.

The instrumental backing tracks are based on sampled loops from the well-known production company Bunker 8 Digital Labs. These samples include all of the original tracks in "Otiga Verde" from the sample library.[1] The opening piano, guitar chord riffs, and even the lead sound synthesizer which is heard throughout the song are directly lifted from the individual sample loops.[2]


Iglesias premiered the song on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on KIIS-FM on Tuesday, April 10, 2007. The song was officially shipped to radio stations and, a week later, reached number 102 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

Iglesias performed the song on Dancing with the Stars on May 15, 2007, on the day that the song was made available in the U.S. iTunes Store as a digital single,[3] where it eventually reached number 13.

The song soon made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 33.[4] On the club chart, meanwhile, it reached the top ten on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play, peaking at #3.

The song reached number three on the UK iTunes Store, making its debut on the UK Singles Chart at number 28 and climbing to number nine in its second week, and was released as a physical CD single format on Monday, June 11.[5] The song has reached number three on the official charts.

The Spanish version of the song, entitled "Dímelo" [which, notably, uses completely different lyrics], made a 48-point jump from number 49 to number one on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart and held top spot for six weeks before being knocked off by Marco Antonio Solis's single "Ojala", but it reclaimed the number one spot three weeks later and held it for another four. It was then knocked off once more before regaining it for a week, accumulating a total of eleven weeks atop the chart. Holding off strong competition from Daddy Yankee and Chayanne, the song is Iglesias's seventeenth number one on the chart, the best-performing single on Hot Latin Tracks this year and his best-performing single since "Enamorado Por Primera Vez" in 1997. It also broke the four-year long tie with Luis Miguel for most number-ones on the chart with 17.

The single was released to radio in his home country, Spain, peaked at number six on the official download Spanish chart and reached number one in the airplay chart. The single was not released physically there because the downloads due to the diminishing single sales market and the growing importance of digital downloads there.

Some American radio stations have taken to playing a different version of the song which contains a more rhythmic beat.

Music video

The song's music video is directed by Jesse Terrero and is ostensibly a parody of the thought process that many directors have when making Iglesias music videos. The video cuts back and forth between scenes in which the ideas for the videos are being proposed to Iglesias and the videos themselves.

The video starts with Iglesias and his manager, played by Mike Boogie, meeting up with one of the hottest directors in the business. When they arrive, the director, played by Jon Abrahams, is surrounded by scantily clad women, some of whom are occupying themselves by playing ping pong. The director suggests that the video to Iglesias's newest single start out with Iglesias dressed in a white suit next to a hotel swimming pool, surrounded by women, when one in particular, played by Pamela Burgos, catches his eye. Iglesias watches her and is seen interacting with her in a bed before the scene shifts to Burgos arguing with her lover outside the hotel and then walking into the road, only to be run over by a car.

When Iglesias shows little interest at the clichéd idea the director pitches him a second: he is in the woods with his high-school sweetheart, played by Yesica Toscanini. The two interact before she playfully runs away. As he catches up with her at the edge of a cliff, she mimes the words "I love you", at which Iglesias is visibly pleased. He becomes distressed, though, as she goes closer to the edge. Finally, she dives off backwards.

Iglesias groans at the director's idea, mutters to his manager, "Ese cabrón está loco" (which means "This fucker is crazy" in English), and leaves. After the manager follows him, the director opines to his women that the pair obviously liked his idea.

There are two versions of the video, one with the word "cabron" beeped out and another with it intact.[citation needed] Some countries cut out a few of the Iglesias-and-director scenes. The Spanish version would be exactly the same as the American one only for Iglesias's mouthing the words to the song in Spanish; also, the scenes with the director and manager are subtitled in Spanish.

On the video-sharing website Youtube, Universal Music's upload of the video is the 94th-most-viewed video of all time in the music category. The song peaked for several days at number two on MTV'sTRL.

Track listings

  1. "Do You Know?" (Album Version)
  2. "Do You Know?" (DJ Dan Remix)
  1. "Do You Know?" (Original Version)
  2. "Do You Know?" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig CJs Vocal Mix)
  3. "Do You Know?" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig CJs Thick & Chunky Dub)
  4. "Do You Know?" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig CJs Radio Edit)
  5. "Do You Know?" (DJ Dan Dub)
  1. "Do You Know?" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig CJ's vocal mix) — 9:30
  2. "Do You Know?" (DJ Dan & Dave Aude club remix) — 7:16
  3. "Do You Know?" (Ralphi Rosario Thick N' Chunky dub mix) — 8:38
  4. "Do You Know?" (DJ Dan & Dave Aude dub mix) — 7:17
  5. "Do You Know?" (Ralphi Rosario & Craig CJ's radio edit) — 3:54
  6. "Do You Know?" (DJ Dan & Dave Aude rub mix) — 7:17
Canada CD
  1. "Do You Know?" (Album Version)
  2. "Push" (Album Version)


Country Certification Date Sales certified
Sweden[6] Platinum February 6, 2008 20,000


Chart (2007) Peak
Austrian Singles Chart[7] 8
Belgian (Flanders) Singles Chart[7] 9
Belgian (Wallonia) Singles Chart[7] 8
Canadian Hot 100[8] 27
Czech IFPI Chart [9] 1
Danish Download Chart [10] 5
Danish Singles Chart[7] 23
Dutch Top 40 [11] 2
French SNEP Singles Chart[7] 9
German Top 40[8] 6
Hungarian Top 40[12] 3
Irish Singles Chart [11] 2
Norwegian Singles Chart[7] 15
Romanian Singles Chart [13] 1
Russian Airplay Chart[14] 7
Slovakian IFPI Chart [15] 7
Swedish Singles Chart[11] 3
Swiss Singles Top 100 [11] 4
Turkish Top 20 Chart[16] 3
UK Singles Chart[17] 3
U.S. Billboard Hot 100[18] 21
U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Tracks[18] 1
U.S. Billboard Pop 100[18] 23
End of year chart (2007) Position
Austrian Singles Chart[19] 42
Belgian (Flanders) Singles Chart[20] 31
Belgian (Wallonia) Singles Chart[21] 40
Dutch Singles Chart[22] 11
Swiss Singles Chart[23] 14
UK Singles Chart[24] 26
End of year chart (2008) Position
French Singles Chart[25] 63
Preceded by
"Si Nos Quedara Poco Tiempo" by Chayanne
U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Songs number-one single
(first run)

May 18, 2007 - June 23, 2007 (6 weeks)
Succeeded by
"Ojalá" by Marco Antonio Solís
Preceded by
"Ojalá" by Marco Antonio Solís
U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Songs number-one single
(second run)

July 21, 2007 - August 11, 2007 (4 weeks)
Succeeded by
"Basta Ya" by Conjunto Primavera
Preceded by
"No Llores" by Gloria Estefan
U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Songs number-one single
(third run)

September 15, 2007 (1 week)
Succeeded by
"No Llores" by Gloria Estefan


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