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Since Doctor Who was first broadcast in 1963, there have been a number of exhibitions of props, costumes and sets throughout the United Kingdom. Some have been intended to be permanent, and others seasonal; most have been staged at existing tourist locations.


Current permanent exhibitions



The Doctor Who Exhibition Cardiff is the only permamant one in the UK open 7 days a week. Situated in the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay, the museum opened December 2005,[1] in the city where the all the current series are filmed and produced.

New props on display include an Ood Elder from ‘The End of Time’, a fly-headed ‘Tritovore’ and Lady Christina De Souza’s costume from ‘The Planet of the Dead’, plus ‘The Flood’ monster and Maggie and Tarak costumes from ‘The Waters of Mars’. There is also a special display from the team behind the show’s monsters, Millennium FX, showing the production process behind creating an Ood.

Costumes displayed include those worn by Martha Jones, Captain Jack, Donna Noble and the Doctor.[2]

The Cardiff Exhibition had a complete refurbishment in October 2008.[3]

The Doctor Who Up Close Shop is stocked with items such as giant inflatable Daleks to Sonic Screwdrivers and talking bottle openers.[4]

Current touring exhibitons


From 22 May until 31 October 2010, the Doctor Who Exhibition is open at the Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne which includes genuine items from the programme plus monsters including the Cybermen, Sontaran, Ood, Judoon, Autons and the Daleks. This exhibition is also set to showcase many of the items from the new series starring Matt Smith, after they have been seen on screen.[5]


The small Herefordshire village of Bromyard is notable for its annual folk festival and the Time Traveller's Museum, home to a permanent Doctor Who exhibition, with memorabilia from the show, other cult science fiction shows and a collection of antique teddy bears and other toys.[6]

Former permanent exhibitons


The first permanent exhibition was set up at the stately home of Longleat, Wiltshire in 1973. Over the years, it has hosted an annual Doctor Who convention, usually each August. It closed in 2003.[7]

The twentieth anniversary convention was titled "Twenty Years of a Time Lord" and was held in April 1983. It featured appearances from Jon Pertwee (and the vintage car Bessie), Peter Davison, K9; props included TARDIS, Daleks, and the set of The Five Doctors[8] About 40, 000 fans turned up, many more than expected.[9]

In 2004, the annual "Doctor Who Day", to mark the 40th anniversary of the programme, featured an attempt to gather the largest number of Daleks ever assembled. Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred and John Leeson attended.[10]


The original exhibition on the Golden Mile, Blackpool, Lancashire, operated between 1974 and 1985.[11] It reopened in 2004 to coincide with the relaunch of the programme. The Blackpool Doctor Who Museum finally closed on the 8 November 2009, the large collection of props, monsters and costumes being distributed to other exhibitions around the country.[12]


The "Dapol Dr Who Experience" opened in 1994 and was sited in Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales, under the auspices of the company that made Doctor Who merchandise until 2002, and featured many costumes and props, some dating back to the 1960s. It closed in 2003.[13]

Former temporary and touring exhibitions


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