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Doctorandus (Latin: he who should become a doctor) is a Dutch academic title according to the pre-bachelor-master system. The title is acquired by passing the doctoraalexamen, traditionally a matriculation exam for admission to study at doctoral level. In most cases this concludes University study, but occasionally students will continue to do research under the supervision of a professor, which eventually allows them to obtain the title of doctor.

In Belgium the title is used for graduates working on a PhD, which will then eventually change their title from Drs. to Dr.

According to Dutch legislation, the Dutch doctorandus degree is equivalent to the MA or MSc degree in English-speaking countries, with the difference that the coursework and comprehensive exams for a doctorate are included in the academic study. After being graduated to "drs.", the candidate can start with his Ph.D.(ABD)-research and writing his dissertation without any further exams.

The abbreviation is drs. This means that Dutch graduates who received the doctorandus title may sign like drs. A. Jansen. After the Bologna process, the title doctorandus has been replaced by the degrees MA and MSc, and those who receive such degrees may still sign as either drs. or ir., function of the field wherein they graduated (ir. for engineering, drs. for other fields).[1] Those who received their doctorandus title before the Bologna process have the option of signing like A. Jansen, M, since the doctorandus title is similar to a Master's degree, and the shortcut M may officially be used in order to render such title as an international title.[2][3][4][5]This is especially useful when one has a combination of pre-Bologna and post-Bologna titles and degrees, since a combination of one or more recognized Dutch titles with one or more international degrees is not allowed.

The degree had also been used in Indonesia until 1990, and given to bachelors in social studies.


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