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The term “dog napping” refers to the crime of taking a canine from its owner, with the intention of attaining financial compensation. This crime occurs predominantly amongst purebred dogs, as they are more expensive. The profit available to dog nappers varies based upon the value of the dog or the amount that its original owners are willing to pay as ransom.



Usually, the dognapping occurs during walking time, and in the dark. Dognappers are known to pose as joggers and sneak around the person walking their dog. The dognapper then continues in grabbing the dog, and running off with it. This does not always occur, as some dognappers have been known to harm the owner, or kidnap the owner as well. Some dog nappers are armed and threaten to hurt the owner if the owner doesn't hand the dog over to the dognapper.


Dogs can be fitted with a microchip implant that makes them identifiable if they are found. Other prevention devices include flashing lights on the dog's collar, to strong leashes locked to the dog's collar. It is better to leave the dog in the care of someone you trust and is well acquainted with security measures. With the chip the dog can be found unless the chip has been removed from it or has degraded, assimiliated or otherwise been deactivated.

Similar methods such as DNA sampling or ear-tattooing are used to identify individual animals and to deter dog-knappers.

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Dognapping is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK[1]


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