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Just got yourself a sweet little adorable pup? Without proper training you will notice this sweet thing can be a lot of hassle and won’t approve your household's hygiene.
Reading this page and the attached links will get you on your way to make your pup as adorable as he/she should be, without creating a monster in you household.

The most important thing you should know about house-breaking is never to punish your pup after it committed an “offence”. A pup always relates your reaction to something that happens at that moment. Never push your pups nose in its urinate or defecate. The pup won’t learn anything from this action and won’t understand. Try to teach it to do its thing by taking it for a walk often and at the right moments, after dinner, after its nap or after playtime. This way the pup will learn to do its need outside. Every time the pup does its need where this is allowed, reward it directly and effusive. Reward your pup only during its actions never before!! The time needed to learn a pup where to do its needs differs from dog to dog (just like children). Some pups learn very quickly, others need months to learn. From house-breaking point of view, nights are the most difficult. Your pup is used to have many opportunities to relieve itself from its needs; this is different during night-time. The best thing to do is to let your pup spend the night in the bench. To increase success, try to let your pup go into the night with as less digestion as possible, make sure to remove food and drinks. Before going to bed yourself, take the pup for a walk as late as possible and make sure it really urinates and/or defecates. Early in the morning give it an other chance to relieve itself from its needs. It can be useful, especially in the first weeks, to set your alarm clock to walk the dog between evening and morning. Young dogs don’t have control over their bladder till they reach the age of 5 to 6 months. “Accidents” will occur with pups this age, with proper training this will go away by itself.

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