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(Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sō Suttoko Taisen Dokkoider)
Genre Science fiction, Comedy
Light novel
Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sō
Author Taro Achi
Illustrator Yu Yagami
Publisher Dengeki Bunko
Demographic Male
Original run 10 May 199910 September 2003
Volumes 6
Author Taro Achi
Yu Yagami
Publisher MediaWorks
English publisher United States CMX
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Dengeki AniMaga
Dengeki Comic Gao!
Original run August 2000April 2004
Volumes 3
TV anime
Director Hitoyuki Matsui
Takuya Nonaka
Studio ufotable
Licensor Canada United States Sentai Filmworks
Network Mainichi Broadcasting System
Original run 5 July 200320 September 2003
Episodes 12
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Dokkoida?!, known in Japan as Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sō Suttoko Taisen Dokkoider (住めば都のコスモス荘·すっとこ大戦ドッコイダー ?, lit. Living in the Cosmos House, Foolish Dokkoida's Great Battle) is a comedic Japanese novel series about a boy, Suzuo Sakurazaki, who is hired by a preteen space alien girl, Tanpopo, to try out an experimental new suit developed by the intergalactic toy company that she works for. Suzuo agrees to work for her since he is unemployed and needs the job to pay the rent. The suit gives him super powers, with which he fights bad guys and people from rival intergalactic toy companies and organizations.

The novels were written by Taro Achi, with illustrations by Yu Yagami. The novels were adapted into a three-volume manga series with the same name, by the same authors and published by Dengeki Bunko, and an anime series, directed by Hitoyuki Matsui and Takuya Nonaka, produced by Ufotable, and aired by Mainichi Broadcasting System.

The Dokkoida anime was licensed by Geneon Entertainment for Region 1 distribution, and the manga adaptation was licensed by DC Comics under the CMX imprint; the original light novel series has not been licensed for distribution in North America. The anime series is now licensed by Sentai Filmworks[1] and is currently streaming on The Anime Network.[2]


# Title Original air date
01 "Enter Dokkoida!"
"Dokkoidā Tōjō de dokkoi" (ドッコイダー登場でドッコイ) 
02 "Purple Hair, How Hip Can Ya Get?"
"Ryūkōshoku wa Murasaki de dokkoi" (流行色は紫でドッコイ) 
03 "Dokkoida vs. Edelweiss!"
"Dokkoidā vs. Ēderuwaisu de dokkoi" (ドッコイダーVSエーデルワイスでドッコイ) 
04 "The Strange Neighbor, Sayuri"
"Nazo no Jūnin 4gojitsu no Hiyashinsu de dokkoi" (謎の住人4号室のヒヤシンスでドッコイ) 
05 "Mission: Allowance Increase"
"Kozukai Neage de dokkoi" (小遣い値上げでドッコイ) 
06 "The Pool Cycle Race"
"Pūru Sōdatsu Saikuru Rēsu de dokkoi" (プール争奪サイクルレースでドッコイ) 
07 "Kurika's Dream"
"Kurika no Yume de dokkoi" (栗華の夢でドッコイ) 
08 "Little Sister Love"
"Imōto L.O.V.E. de dokkoi" (妹L~O~V~E~でドッコイ) 
09 "I Like it Hot"
"O-atsui no ga o-suki de dokkoi" (お熱いのがお好きでドッコイ) 
10 "Mogumokkuru's Make-Over"
"Henge! Mogumokkuru de dokkoi" (変化!モグモッグルでドッコイ) 
11 "Cosmos House's Last Hour?"
"Kosumosu-sō Saigo no hi? de dokkoi" (コスモス荘最後の日?でドッコイ) 
12 "Battle of Zealousness!"
"Nekketsu Batoru de dokkoi" (熱血バトルでドッコイ) 


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