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Dollfie is a playscale (30 cm or 12 inches tall) vinyl doll that is produced by Volks, located in Japan.

Dollfie is a highly-poseable hybrid of fashion doll and action figure, first created in 1997. They are about the size of a Barbie, 1/6 or playscale, though there are many variations in height in that scale, generally ranging from 23-29 cm.

Dollfie are often confused with Super Dollfie, a larger 1/3 scale 60cm/2 feet range of resin dolls, also made by Volks, or even similar larger Asian ball-jointed dolls from other companies. The name "Dollfie" should accurately only be used for Volks's line of 1/6 dolls though.

Dollfie dolls generally come blank, ie, their heads are not painted. When an artist paints a Dollfie, the technique is referred to as a "face-up" or "make-up". This is usually done using acrylic paints and special sealer to keep the color from coming off with play. The finished dolls are usually collected for customization and photography shoots.

Dollfie dolls are much more flexible than standard Barbie-style western fashion dolls of the same size, because of the much larger number of joints in the body.

27 cm Dollfie Neo GO boy by C Shepard


Types of Playscale Dollfies

Volks Inc. manufactures several types of playscale customizable bodies with doll-crafters and artists in mind. Unlike other popular fashion doll lines where only the outfits could be changed, Dollfie dolls were made to be customized from the base on up, beginning with basics like hair and eye color. For those with less skill, doll-crafting short-cuts were introduced, such as pre-rooted hair and stick-on eye decals. Later, complete dolls were issued but the custom doll bodies still remain the largest, most varied line and are favored by OOAK artists around the world.

There are various body types, male and female, with several forms and skin tones for both as well as a line of child-sized dolls. They make different heads, some with hair and some without for custom rooting; there are even head types that have the hair molded on for those that like to paint. The Dollfie custom base body comes unpainted so that it can be used by hobbyists and artists for creating original dolls of their own design. The company makes tools and materials to customize and maintain dolls with but in many instances less costly substitutes work just as well.


Excellent Base Body

A very flexible doll, the Excellent Base body is the Dollfie standard line. It comes with an unpainted head that has no hair - the artist must either root hair or find a wig that will fit the doll. There are a large variety of styles and skin colors in this line, with a choice between different types of male and female forms. Due to the designs, this line is generally favored by artists for making dolls that have an anime style.

Elegant Collection

Articulated doll with full poseability under a vinyl seamless 'skin' that looks more "real" in swimsuits and other skin-baring outfits. Because of their special outer "skin" these dolls cost more than the standard Dollfie but are still far more affordable to collect than the 60cm (2 foot) tall dolls.

Dollfie Plus

Poseable doll with a resin head made to put custom eyes in and wigs on. Fully articulated, this doll is very similar to Super Dollfie, only scaled down. Despite their more affordable price-tag, these dolls are still not nearly as popular as the Super Dollfies.

EB Beauty Model

Similar to Dollfie Plus but that the waist is not jointed and the articulation parts are smaller. There are no screw holes on the body (unlike Dollfie Plus). The head attachment is made with easy clothes changes in mind. There is a particular doll in this base line that has a "soft bust" - a bust that isn't solid.


More life-like in details. Fully articulated. Comes in male and female, with more than one choice of body style for each. Head has to be purchased separately for some bases. This line has a male body that is similar to G.I. Joe action figures.

Customize Doll

Like the Excellent Base Model, only this doll is accompanied by one of several vinyl head types that are crafted with molded-on hair. The doll features a "swing" body that the company touts as being perfect for models for illustrators, in addition to its use as a customized doll.

Who's That Girl?

Stylish fashion dolls with an anime styled appearance. The dolls are sold complete with make-up, hair, and clothes. The name also supports a line of fashions that fit most playscale dolls made by Volks Inc.

Century Model

Pre-painted, costumed Dollfies designed to look like high fashion models. Very similar to vintage Barbie dolls in many respects, though fully articulated.

Lost Angels Story

Costumed, painted dolls with an original anime theme. Volks Inc. created a whole collection of this popular series of dolls, with an ongoing story to back them. They have its own series of graphic novels based on the dolls.

Der Ring Des Niebelungen

Another line of anime-style dolls from Volks Inc., with an original story behind them.

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