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Dominic Di-Natale is an independent foreign and business correspondent.

He is a contracted contributor to Fox News and provides reports for both Fox News and Fox Business Network. He first became noteworthy as a correspondent for BBC World, where he eventually became an anchor in both London and New York.

Di-Natale started out in Portugal as a features reporter for a local magazine publisher, Discover Publications, in 1988. He moved into news reporting a year later when the publisher launched a weekly news title then-called Algarve Resident. Di-Natale became notorious for his sensational, if-it-bleeds-it-leads approach to newsgathering. Many of the stories were about crime - drug lords, violence and murder. This often caused considerable consternation of the paper's expatriate readership, most of whom had escaped Northern Europe to sleepy southern Portugal to avoid such social upheavals. Simultaneously, he entered into local radio as a newscaster, where he had some success.

Di-Natale moved to the United Kingdom in 1995 and freelanced for daily national newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, The Sun and News of the World.

He became a staff sub-editor for The Telegraph in 1998 until he moved into television news as a freelance producer for Sky News in May 2000. From there Di-Natale moved to Bloomberg European operations as a radio and TV reporter.

Di-Natale joined the British Broadcasting Corporation in January 2002 and became the BBC's first videojournalist to be posted full-time overseas. He held posts in New York, Brussels, Frankfurt and Dubai, and then became a regular presenter in New York and London, moved to full-time anchoring of business output in 2004.

Di-Natale left the BBC in early 2005 and freelanced at Sky News as an overnight news anchor. In 2006 he moved to South Africa to train local journalists at Summit, a Johannesburg-based national business news channel. He covered events in Iraq during 2006 for various US news outlets, before returning to the UK in 2007. Di-Natale freelanced at BBC World during the course of that year, in Dubai and from London.

In December 2007 he became a contracted freelancer for Fox News, with his initial work for the newly-launched Fox Business Network.

Di-Natale shot a 15-minute film in Afghanistan for BBC's Newsnight, about post-traumatic stress among American veterans of the war on terror. It aired in May 19, 2008.

In June 2008 he moved to Damascus, Syria, where he studied Arabic both at Damascus University and privately for three months. During that time he established and ran a course for young Syrian entrepreneurs on how to start a business.

In September 2008, Di-Natale was posted to Baghdad for Fox News for the fall.

In January 2009, Di-Natale relocated to New York to freelance for Fox News' foreign and domestic output.

In April 2009, Di-Natale returned to Iraq for Fox News.

In October 2009, Di-Natale is filming an independent short documentary in Afghanistan

In November 2009, Di-Natale is scheduled to return to Iraq once again for Fox News.

NOTE: For reasons of transparency, please note that Dominic Di-Natale is a contributing author of this web page.


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