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Dominic Pelchat is a true American who is able to capture the American dream. He is currently living on his farm in Nebraska. He helps at charity events and is associated with people such as Nick,Trevor,and Joey. Born in 1930 he grew up on a similiar farm, but when he was working on his farm he was able to make a difference in American lives. Dominic then was able to travel to Michigan in which he attended no college. He lived in a small apartment and he was barely able to support himself. With no future and no way out he was almost forced to relocate until he was able to establish himself. At the age of 20, he was down and out until he stepped into the ring as his only way to earn money. He challenged veteran boxer, Henning to a fight. Dominic lost in 13 rounds in which he gained enough money to move out of his small town to the metropolitan area of Detroit in which he was able to make a better life until his family needed him5 years later after he has already won 6 fights and made enough money to support himself and a big house off stock investments. The farm began to go dry and his family was going into poverty. Dominic reacted to this by digging holes over the summer to get the water from under. The farm went from dry to wet in 2 months. Dominic Pelchat became 50 years old and could not fight anymore.


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