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Don Juan DeMarco
Directed by Jeremy Leven
Produced by Francis Ford Coppola
Fred Fuchs
Patrick Palmer
Written by Jeremy Leven
Starring Marlon Brando
Johnny Depp
Faye Dunaway
Music by Michael Kamen
Cinematography Ralf Bode
Editing by Tony Gibbs
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) April 7, 1995
Running time 97 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $22,000,000
Gross revenue $66,200,000

Don Juan DeMarco is a 1995 film starring Johnny Depp as John R. DeMarco, a man who believes himself to be Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world. Clad in a cape and domino mask, DeMarco undergoes psychiatric treatment with Marlon Brando's character, Dr. Jack Mickler, to cure him of his apparent delusion. But the psychiatric sessions have an unexpected effect on the psychiatric staff, some of whom find themselves inspired by DeMarco's delusion; the most profoundly affected is Dr. Mickler himself, who rekindles the romance in his complacent marriage.

The movie is based on two different sources; the modern-day story is based on director/screenwriter Jeremy Leven's short story Don Juan DeMarco and the Centerfold (the movie's original title before the studio changed it shortly before release), while the flashbacks depicting DeMarco's back-story are based on the more familiar legend of Don Juan, especially as told by Lord Byron in his version of the legend.

The film and soundtrack feature the original Bryan Adams song "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?"; the lyrics incorporate quotes from Depp's character, and the melody is used as a musical motif throughout the film. In addition, the song itself is performed three times, once by a mariachi band serenading the characters (in Spanish), once by Jose Hernandez and Nydia, as background music (again in Spanish), and once by Bryan Adams during the closing credits.



Box office

The film had an estimated budget of $25,000,000, grossing just $22,200,000 in the U.S. With a total $66,200,000 gross worldwide, it was then considered a hit for New Line Cinema.


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Don Juan DeMarco is an 1995 drama-romance film about a man who thought himself to be the world's greatest lover.

Don Juan / John R. DeMarco

  • When I say that all woman are dazzling beauties, they object. This one's nose is too large... the hips of another are too wide, perhaps the breast of a third, they are too small. But I see these women for how they truly are: Glorious... radiant, spectacular and perfect because I am not limited by my eyesight. Women react on me the way that they do Don Octavio because they sense that I search out the beauty that dwells within them until it overwhelms everything else. And then they cannot avoid their desire: to release that beauty and envelop me in it.
  • There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio: What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for? And what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.

Don Octavio / Jack Mickler

  • I just feel as thought we've surrendered our lives to the momentum of mediocrity.
  • I want to know what your dreams and your hopes are that got lost along the way while I was thinking about myself.

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