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Donald D is a rapper originally from North Carolina. In New York, he started his career as a rapper, as part of The B-Boys, working with Afrika Islam and Grandmaster Flash. He relocated to LA as a member of the Rhyme Syndicate and started making records with old school luminaries such as Grandmaster Flash. His solo LPs "Notorious" (1989) and "Let The Horns Blow" (1991) were inspired by the gangsta rap of Ice-T and others, with production by Afrika Islam and DJ Aladdin.

Donald D, also known as Dondee, is a very influential storytelling MC from the Bronx. He has had numerous record releases and shows all over the world, including his hometown of New York, and other places such as Japan, Germany and Italy.

Dondee helped co-write many of Ice-T's songs while being part of the Rhyme Syndicate.

Now settled in Italy but traveling back and forth to the States, Donald D has confirmed himself as a master of the old school who is still giving more and more to the culture of hip hop.





2, 3 Break, (with The B Boys) 1983
  • Rock The House, (with The B Boys) 1983
Cuttin Herbie (with The B Boys) 1983
  • Stick Up Kid, (with The B Boys) 1985
Girls, (with The B Boys) 1985
  • Girls Part 2, (with The B Boys) 1985
  • Outlaw/Dope Jam, 1987
  • Name of the Game, 1988
  • F.B.I, 1989
  • Notorious, 1989
  • Hellraiser, 1989
  • Let The Horns Blow, 1992
  • Next 2 Me, 1990
  • I'm Gonna Smoke Him, 1992
  • Old School Jam, (with Prince Whipper Whip & Kurtis Blow) 1995
  • Show Biz, (with Prophet) 1999
  • Show Biz Rock, (with Prophet) 1999
  • Killer, (with Prophet & Tito & Tarantula) 1999
Generation, (with Marco Masini) 2003
  • Return Of The Culture, 2005
Tu Fan, (with Wilkins) 2005
The Zulu Beat, (with P Brothers) 2005
For My Peoples, (with Kollabo Brothers) 2006
I'm A Real Emcee, (with Kollabo Brothers) 2006
Funhouse Adventure, (with Dynamax) 2008
  • Where Im At, (with Capitol 1212), 2009
  • Whats up, (with Capitol 1212) , 2009
You Know We Rock, (with The B Boys) 2009
Jump Up And Down, (with Cut La Roc & The B Boys) 2010
Come Get Some, (with Cut La Roc) 2010


  • Notorious, 1989
  • Let the Horns Blow, 1992
  • B.R.O.N.X. (Street Team Entertainment/ Portafoglio Lainz), 2005
Genetica Electronica, (with Capucino), 2005
One Times One, (with Capucino), 2010

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