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Donald Eugene Webb
FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
Donald Eugene Webb.jpg
Donald Eugene Webb
Born: July 14, 1931 (1931-07-14) (age 78)
Charges: Unlawful flight to avoid prosecution - Murder;
Attempted burglary
Added: May 4, 1981
Removed: March 31, 2007
Number: 375
Removed From Top Ten Fugitive List

Donald Eugene Webb (born July 14, 1931) is a fugitive from justice wanted for allegedly killing police chief Gregory Adams in the small community of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1980.[1]



Born Donald Eugene Perkins in Oklahoma City, the son to a Native American father and a Caucasian mother. He was raised solely by his mother, as his father had abandoned the family when Donald was a young child.

Beginning in young adulthood, Webb worked in various honest jobs before he allegedly went into a criminal career. He enlisted in the Navy at one point in his early life, but he was soon dishonorably discharged for reasons unknown. He has worked as a butcher, restaurant manager, vending machine repairman and salesman. He has sold, among other things, automobiles, real estate and jewelry. He became an expert of jewelry during his stint as a jewelry salesman; it was at that point police believe he started committing crimes.

Murder of Gregory Adams

Webb allegedly murdered police chief officer Adams on the afternoon of December 4, 1980, the same day he arrived in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. According to police reports, he was there to hunt for new jewelry stores to burglarize. At the time, he was sought for his suspected involvement in a jewelry burglary in Colonie, New York.

Law enforcement believes that Webb, probably planning a robbery, was spotted driving past a stop sign by Adams. When he was stopped, Webb was cooperative at first, however he stepped out of his car and an altercation between the two men ensued. Webb was shot in his right forearm, but he still had the strength to hit the officer with a blunt object, knocking the officer down. Webb allegedly shot him twice using a .25 caliber handgun; the fatal second shot struck Adams' heart. Ironically, Adams, a police academy instructor, was a vigilant proponent of bullet-proof vests for officers in the field, but had not worn his on the day he was shot.[2]


On May 4, 1981, he became the 375th fugitive to be placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. Still at large after more than a quarter of a century, Webb was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List longer than any other fugitive since its creation in 1950, remaining on it for 25 years, 10 months, and 27 days.[3]

He was removed from the list on March 31, 2007, without ever being located. He was replaced by Shauntay Henderson, who was caught on her very first day as a "Top Tenner." (Webb was placed on the list before Henderson was even born.)


In 1990, FBI director William S. Sessions received a letter written by someone claiming to be Webb, asking for forgiveness from Adams' family. The letter said that Webb was thinking about giving himself up. Handwriting tests were conducted, and the results were inconclusive[citation needed].


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