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Donkey Kong Country
Genre Animation, comedy, Action Adventure
Created by Jacques Goldstein
Philippe Percebois
Developed by Nelvana
Hong Guang Animation (Su Zhou)
Directed by Mike Fallows
Voices of Richard Yearwood
Andrew Sabiston
Joy Tanner
Aaron Tager
Ben Campbell
Adrian Truss
Louise Vallance
Donald Burda
Len Carlson
Damon D'Olivera
Lawrence Bayne
Rick Jones
Ron Rubin
Theme music composer Pure West
Opening theme "Donkey Kong Country" theme
Ending theme "Donkey Kong Country" theme (instrumental)
Composer(s) Pure West
Country of origin France France
Canada Canada
Language(s) French
Japanese (Dubbed)
English (Dubbed)
Swedish (Dubbed)
No. of episodes 40
Executive producer(s) Gérard Mital
Jacques Peyrache
Dale A. Andrews
Patrick Loubert
Michael Hirsh
Clive Smith
Producer(s) Maia Tubiana
Stephen Hodgins
Patricia R. Burns
Running time 30 minutes per episode
Distributor Paramount Pictures (North American VHS)
Western International Communications
Original channel Canada Teletoon
France France 2
United States Fox (1998)
Fox Family (1998-2000)
Original run September 4, 1996 (France)
August 15, 1998 (USA) – July 7, 2000 (USA)

Donkey Kong Country is a joint between France and Canada computer-generated animated television series based on the Nintendo franchise Donkey Kong as portrayed in the Donkey Kong Country video game series by Rare. The series was created by French studio France 2 and Nelvana. It was originally titled La Planète de Donkey Kong (The Planet of Donkey Kong in English translation). It first aired in France on September 4, 1996; it premiered late in the United States on the Fox Kids block on Fox in August 15, 1998. After only 2 episodes, the cartoon later moved to Fox Family.

The show begins by portraying Donkey Kong, a regular ape in the jungle who happens to stumble upon a magic coconut called the Crystal Coconut that summons (at Donkey Kong's command) a pile of magic bananas. After Donkey and his friends consume the bananas, they are granted with increased intelligence and strength, enabling them to defeat enemies such as K. Rool and Kaptain Skurvy, who wish to possess the Crystal Coconut for themselves. Each episode features two songs performed by cast members.

Four episodes were released in North America on a single VHS cassette titled, Donkey Kong Country: The Legend of the Crystal Coconut and was marketed as a feature length film. However, these episodes are not in chronological order, as a flashback shown in the third episode actually occurs in the fourth episode of the tape. The U.S.A. Version of the Tape was distributed by: Paramount Pictures, Nintendo, and Nelvana.

Donkey Kong Country was one of the earlier television series to be computer-animated to match the artistic style of the Rare video game series, and garnered critical acclaim in France and Japan but only marginal success elsewhere. Several elements of the series appeared in later Donkey Kong Country video games such as Donkey Kong 64, which was released a year after the show had started airing on Fox.

The show had a large line of merchandise in Japan including a collectible card game, featuring drawings of characters some that never appeared in the series. The card game was later adapted to be based on Donkey Kong 64. The television series took over the TV Tokyo 6:30 P.M. timeslot from Gokudo, and was later replaced with Hamtaro.



Much of the characters come from the video games Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, with some design changes.



The main protagonist of the program is Donkey Kong (voiced by Richard Yearwood in the American version and by Kōichi Yamadera in the Japanese version), the protecter of the Crystal Coconut and future ruler of Kongo Bongo. He has an optimistic (if frivolous) personality and tremendous physical strength. He has a liking for bananas, and is in a romantic relationship with Candy Kong. His catchphrase is "Banana Slamma!". Donkey Kong's partner is Diddy Kong (voiced by Andrew Sabiston and Megumi Hayashibara), a small chimp who makes up for it with his cleverness. The elderly Cranky Kong (voiced by Aaron Tager and Ryūsei Nakao) keeps the Crystal Coconut safe in his house, and enforces this with a set number of traps built into his bridge. Donkey Kong's love interest, Candy Kong (voiced by Joy Tanner and Mika Kanai), is a strong-willed employee of Bluster's barrel factory who is often frustrated with Donkey Kong's absent-mindedness.

The egotistical Bluster Kong (voiced by Donald Burda and Daiki Nakamura) is an original character created for the show. His mother owns the barrel factory on the island, while he manages it. With greasy, parted hair and his own personal helicopter, Bluster is the richest ape in Kongo Bongo. Funky Kong (voiced by Damon D'Oliveira and Banana Ice) is the island's airline service manager. He is fond of surfing, and owns his own personal biplane. Diddy Kong's girlfriend is Dixie Kong (voiced by Rick Jones and Becky), who often loses her pets Crabby the Crab and Thermidore the Lobster.


The main antagonist of the program is King K. Rool (voiced by Ben Campbell and Jūrōta Kosugi), the King of the Kremlings. He is a crafty and vicious individual who attempts to steal the Crystal Coconut and become ruler of Kongo Bongo, only to be thwarted time and again by Donkey Kong. K. Rool's right-hand man is General Klump (voiced by Len Carlson and Keiichi Sonobe), who is quite inefficient in his post. Siding with General Klump is Krusha (voiced by Ron Rubin and Tomohisa Asō), a Kremling with superhuman strength but below-average intelligence. K. Rool rules over a large army of Kritters (voiced by Lawrence Bayne), who all look identical and serve as his underlings. Other enemies include Polly Roger (voiced by Charles Adler and Motoko Kumai), a cookie-loving parrot, Skurvy, a stereotypical Kremling pirate (And also Klump's older brother), and the Klaptraps (voiced by Andrew Sabiston), small creatures who eat anything they are shot at.

Other characters

Eddie the Mean Old Yeti (voiced by Adrian Truss and Kenyū Horiuchi) is an abominable snowman who lives in the White Mountains. Inka Dinka Doo (voiced by Rick Jones and Tomohisa Asō) is the multi-faced god of Kongo Bongo Island. Kong Fu (voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka) is a Kung Fu master who challenges Donkey Kong on one occasion. Kaptain Skurvy (voiced by Neil Ross and Katsuhisa Hōki) is a pirate who seeks treasure with the aid of his two shipmates (voiced by John Stocker and Dan Hennessey).


Donkey Kong Country won in 1999 for a (public voted) award at 7 d'Or for Best Animation and Youth Program (Meilleure émission d'animation et de jeunesse).

Home Video Release

Donkey Kong Country is the first feature-length 3D animated adventure in 88 minutes movie on VHS. In the DVDs Donkey Kong Country Vol.1 (Released in Australia) and Donkey Kong Country - Bad Hair Day (Released in the United Kingdom) they also put a few episodes. The other two DVDs, Donkey Kong Country: Hooray for Holly Kongo Bongo and Donkey Kong Country: The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights (Both were released in Australia) only held one episode. After over three years of there being no new DKC DVD in English the UK released a new DKC DVD called I Spy With My Hairy Eye. There have been over 30 DKC DVDs but with only 5 being in English.

Voices Latin American

Ruben Cerda as Donkey Kong

Arturo Mercado as Po-Li

Channel details

Country Channel
France France 2
Canada Teletoon
United States Fox Kids (Only aired 2 Episodes as Specials on Fox Kids) and Fox Family
United Kingdom Fox Kids UK
Finland Yleisradio and YLE FST5
Sweden Canal+
Japan TV Tokyo
Italy Fox Kids Italy and Italia 1
Germany Fox Kids Germany
Spain Fox Kids Spain
Australia FOX8,KidsCo,Network Ten
Brazil Fox Kids Brazil and Rede Record
Malaysia Disney Channel Asia (Currently)
Latin American Disney XD (Latin America) (Currently)

TV ratings

France All Ages
Canada C8
United States TV-Y7-FV
United Kingdom U (TV Rating) PG (DVD Rating)
Finland ????
Sweden ????
Japan U
Italy Green Light (All Ages)
Germany ????
Australia G
Brazil L

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