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Doogtoons is an award-winning production studio founded and headed by Doug "Doog" Bresler,[1] best known for producing the first (and currently only) fully animated talk show on the internet, "In the Studio". Bresler has been producing animated shorts since 2001, however his cartoons only became widely known after they were released as podcasts beginning October 22, 2005.[2] One of the pioneers of cartoon podcasting, Doogtoons has been mentioned and featured in several publications, both online and in printed versions, including The Washington Post, BusinessWeek Magazine[3], Animation Magazine, USA Today, Rolling Stone, several front page spots on Apple Computer's iTunes podcast directory, and the front pages of Yahoo!, YouTube and MySpace. Doogtoons cartoons and shorts have been viewed over 35 million times on video sharing sites across the web.[4]


Doogtoons Productions

Nick and Haig Episodes

Doogtoons' first series of cartoons was entitled Nick and Haig and was created using actual voice clips of interviews Bresler had conducted with a couple of his close friends at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where they were currently studying. Bresler said his initial intention was to create an animated horror movie, but needed to do something smaller first in order to practice and learn. Bresler then compiled hours upon hours of interviews with his friends, picked what he thought to be the best content, and began animating characters to go along with the dialogue.[5]

Nick and Haig - Episode I was originally released as a seven minute short film, but was then cut down into smaller "episodes" for podcasting. In 2006, an episode from the show entitled The Vice of Human Beans won first prize in Bolt's "1 Minute Film Festival", a grand prize win would've earned the cartoon $5,000.[6] This was actually the show's second award, after winning "Best Animated Short" at the 2006 DIY Film Festival in Los Angeles.[7] Later in the year, Bresler signed a deal with G4 television to air Nick and Haig episodes during the station's "Late Night Peep Show" segment starting in May.[8]

In the Studio

In late 2006, Doogtoons launched their official animated talk show, In the Studio, with animated interviews featuring Grammy winner "Weird Al" Yankovic and comic legend Tommy Chong. According to their website, Doogtoons intends to interview and animate several other celebs and personalities from around the net.

In March 2008, one of the shorts of the series, Al's Childhood, was awarded Best Animated Video of 2007 by

Doogtoons Asks A Ninja

Doogtoons has created seven animated interviews with the "ninja" from Ask a Ninja (which have since received a "Best of the Web 2007" nod from Animation World Network). The shorts have been featured several times around the net. One of the cartoons, Ninjas and the Matrix, was featured on the front page of

Eli's Dirty Jokes

In late 2006, Doug Bresler signed on with to animate and direct a show for their website. Eli's Dirty Jokes, a short-form series of animated adult-themed jokes told by an elderly real-life accountant, has since become a hit on YouTube, being featured several times and garnering millions of combined views for the episodes currently posted.

In November 2008, Eli's Dirty Jokes was picked up by HBO for exclusive episodes to be broadcast on their Cinemax cable TV network. The first episode of the weekly show premiered November 8, 2008 preceding the network's premiere of Juno (film). The series is the first original internet show ever to be picked up by HBO and broadcast on any of their TV networks[9].

Trapped in the Drive-Thru

In March 2007, Doug Bresler produced and directed a music video for "Weird Al" Yankovic for his track, Trapped in the Drive-Thru. The video is currently viewable on MySpace, YouTube, and downloadable on Apple Computer's iTunes Store, and has reached over 20 million combined views on all sites. Doogtoons has recently been awarded a gold record for their contribution to Straight Outta Lynwood. The video was also featured as Channel Frederator's 100th episode. In June 2008, Trapped received the award of Funniest Film of 2007 at the Channel Frederator Awards.

Trapped in the Drive-Thru is the #1 highest viewed animated short on all of [10], and had remained in the Top 100 music videos on iTunes for over a year since its release.[11]

Average Homeboy Returns

Doogtoons' first music video, produced in 2006, features self-proclaimed "Average Homeboy" Denny Blaze[12].

L.B. Rayne

In July 2008, Doogtoons released a retro song and music video for "pop star" Laurence Butler Rayne entitled "Indiana Jones". The video, said to be made in the winter of 1984, features the purported "lost theme song" to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

L.B. Rayne's second video, Skywalking, was released October 31, 2009. Said to be produced in 1980, it is being touted as a lost love ballad intended for the soundtrack of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Holding for Miss Kiley

In August 2009, Doogtoons teamed up with Jonathan Katz (of Dr. Katz fame) to animate a short sketch for his podcast show, "Hey, We're Back!". The short is currently viewable on YouTube and the Doogtoons podcast.

Other Projects

Doogtoons has also contributed a 10-second piece to Channel Frederator's compilation short, Fredex: The Secret Lives of Robots, which won Best Internet Film at the 2007 Platform International Animation Festival in Portland, Oregon.

List of Shorts


Nick and Haig Episodes

Episode Title Released
1 Introductions October 22, 2005
2 Haig's Childhood October 29, 2005
3 Nick's Childhood November 5, 2005
4 Being Your Age November 18, 2005
5 Join Arnold November 19, 2005
6 Favorite Color November 26, 2005
7 Chihuahua December 3, 2005
8 Chicken Heist December 10, 2005
9 Creative Holidays December 17, 2005
10 The Vice of Human Beans December 24, 2005
11 Episode II Preview December 24, 2005
12 Kid's Commercials December 31, 2005
13 New York Story January 7, 2006
14 High School February 17, 2006

Doogtoons Asks a Ninja

Episode Title Released
1 Introductions April 12, 2006
2 Being a Ninja May 4, 2006
3 Ninja Knowledge May 16, 2006
4 Ninjas and the Matrix May 31, 2006
5 The Truth About Darth Vader July 28, 2006
6 A Very Ninja Christmas Part I December 14, 2007
7 A Very Ninja Christmas Part II December 23, 2007

In the Studio with "Weird Al"

Episode Title Released
1 Al's Childhood October 12, 2006
2 Spelling Bees and Accordions August 23, 2007

Eli's Dirty Jokes

Episode Title Released
1 Five Birds February 1, 2007
2 BBQ Booty February 6, 2007
3 Moose Hunting February 12, 2007
4 Rawr February 16, 2007
5 Nice to Meet You February 24, 2007
6 Piano Man March 5, 2007
7 The Farmer's Daughters April 2, 2007
8 Track Team April 16, 2007
9 Monkey Love June 8, 2007
10 Hoshimota August 10, 2007
11 The Shepherd and His Boy October 9, 2007
12 Loving Remembrance November 27, 2007
13 The Three Fugitives February 6, 2008
14 Recovery Roses March 10, 2008
15 The Key to the Bedroom April 8, 2008
16 Arabian Justice July 8, 2008
17 The Sloppy Drunk November 7, 2008
18 Peanut Ear January 20, 2009
19 Nosy Neighbor January 27, 2009
20 Yukon Ho! February 3, 2009
21 Ugly Baby February 10, 2009
22 Sunset Island February 17, 2009
23 Bedroom Burglar February 27, 2009
24 Prime Mates March 6, 2009
25 Face-lifted Spirit March 14, 2009
26 Son of a Beech March 20, 2009
27 Drunk's Drycleaning March 27, 2009
28 Naming Psychiatry April 5, 2009
29 Wild Ski Trip April 11, 2009
30 Lucky Leprechaun April 19, 2009
31 Whale of a Good Time April 25, 2009
32 Hot Mic May 9, 2009
33 Costume Party May 30, 2009
34 Pirate Barrel June 21, 2009
35 Cougar Hunting July 25, 2009
36 Health Hazard August 8, 2009
37 Ladies Night August 27, 2009

Music Videos

Episode Title Released
1 Average Homeboy Returns June 11, 2006
2 Trapped in the Drive-Thru March 19, 2007
3 Indiana Jones (Theme Song) July 17, 2008


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