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Doomsday Productions
Origin Las Vegas, Nevada
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1993 - Present
Labels Black Market Records
Cin Sity Records
Associated acts Brotha Lynch Hung
Playboy 7, Pit, & Eklypss

Doomsday Productions is a Las Vegas based rap group. They are known for their albums Pray 4 Me & Filthy. Outside of Vegas they are most known for the collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung on the album The Plague.


Doomsday Productions

Playboy 7 is one of the three members of Doomsday Productions. His raps are mostly about sex and pimping. He goes by the aliases Sir Playboy 7, 78, Platnum, Platino, & Luni Mat P. He produces a majority of the Doomsday Productions releases with Eklypss.

Cin Sity Records

Cin Sity Records is a label operated by Playboy 7 and Eklypss. It first came to notice with the release of the Doomsday album, Pray 4 Me, in 1997. Since then it has housed the releases of all Doomsday albums and their Northtown vs Westside vs Eastside and Underground albums, which feature artists on Cin Sity and various Las Vegas rappers.

Artists that have been on Cin Sity Records include Doomsday Productions (Playboy 7, Pit, & Eklypss), Wall, Blue Ragg, Soldado Joke Dogg, Soldado Lil' 40 OZ, Soldado Wikked, Crook Cilla, Moc-C, Las Vegas Blvd, Redrum Lordz (formerly Redrum Inc.), and Pablo-X.



Solo Albums

  • 1995: XV
  • 1997: Pray 4 Me
  • 1999: Filthy
  • 2004: Survival of The Siccest

Collaboration Albums

  • 1998: Northtown Vs. Westside (collaboration with Various Artists)
  • 2000: Northtown Vs. Westside, Pt. 2 (collaboration with Various Artists)
  • 2001: Underground Vol. 1 (collaboration with Cin Sity Records)
  • 2002: The Plague (collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung)
  • 2003: Underground Vol. 2 (collaboration with Cin Sity Records)
  • 2004: Siccmixx: Our Most Gangsta Hits (collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung)
  • 2005: Northtown vs. Westside vs. Eastside (collaboration with Various Artists)

Member Solo Albums

  • 1999: Playboy 7 - Whore

Cin Sity Records Albums

  • 2001: Blue Ragg - Tales From The Crip


  • 1994: Black Market (Doomsday Productions Ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & Mr. Doctor) - The Best of Black Market Records Vol. 1
  • 2003: City Gone Bad - (Cos, Tre, E-Moe, & Pit) Brotha Lynch Hung Presents Uthanizm
  • 2003: Come To Your Area - (Zagg, Twamp, Shag, Brotha Lynch Hung, & Eklypss) Brotha Lynch Hung Presents Uthanizm


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