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Castes of India
Dor Rajput
Classification Rajput
Religions Hinduism
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Populated States Rajasthan, Maharastra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh

Dor rajput (also known as Doda) is one of the 36 Rajput clan in India. They are kshatriya hindu rajput.The Hindu Rajputs belongs to the traditional Kshatriya varna in Hinduism.

Moat at the Aligarh Fort

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They appear to held a large trace between Jamuna and Ganges,long anterior to muhmaddan invasion.Atkinson points out a "legend" that Kol was founded by the Dor tribe of Rajputs in 372 AD. This could be further confirmed by an old fort, the Dor fortress, now in ruins, which lies at the city's centre.Some time before the Muslim invasion, Kol was held by the Dor Rajputs and in the time of Mahmud of Ghazni the chief of the Dors was Hardatta of Baran.Hardatta,a Dor cheftain,who founded meerut and built hapur.About the begning of the 12th century the power of the dor begain to wane.They wher attacked by the meo's and jat's,the dor raja who was glad to call in others to aid him in restoring order.A large band ofBargujar are on ther way from Alwa to aid Pirthiraj in his war with Mahoba Chandel's.To Raja Pratap Singh,the leder of the Party,was entrusted the duty of subduing the Meo's,and a long and determined struggle he succeeded in driving them out.As a reward the Dor Raja give him his daughter in marriage.The ruler of Koil Fort(later named Aligarh)was a Bargujar Rao Bahadur Singh whose ancestors ruled it from A.D.1184. After marriage of Raja of Koil a Dor Rajput Ajit Sing's daughter to Raja Pratap Singh Bargujar.Vadodara The city was once called Chandanavati after its ruler Raja Chandan of the Dor tribe of Rajputs, who wrested it from the Jains.

Dor Rajput surname

  • Pavars of Dhargadh
  • Chohans of Nagelgadh
  • Simal of Dodgadh
  • Ghelot of Ahirgadh
  • Kaba of Dhondgadh
  • Khavi of Modgadh
  • Solanki of Rohadgadh
  • Chauthan of Kampegadh
  • Mori of Chitodgadh
  • Nikumbh of Modgadh
  • Toka of Asirgadh
  • Gohel of Khedgadh
  • Chavda of patangadh
  • Jhala of Patargadh
  • Dodiye of Jaitpur
  • Vaghela of Budhelagadh
  • Huna of Akhilgadh
  • Survate of Bubbati
  • Gujaric of Palegadh
  • Padhikar of Sodhagadh
  • Nimbol of Jhatangadh
  • Devare of Taragadh
  • Bhagesa of Ramgadh
  • Kagva of Kalpigadh
  • Wanhol of Dhauhaligadh
  • Dode of Krishnagadh
  • Tovar of Delhi
  • Khapre of Gajyaiwadh
  • Khichi of Analvadgadh
  • Jadav of Junagadh
  • Makvane of Makdaigadh
  • Barod of Bahmangadh
  • Dabhi of Kapadvagadh
  • Harihar of Hormajgadh
  • Gaud of Ajmir
  • Javkhedye of Shvetbandha
  • Sakhele of Ranjea
  • Bhatele of Jotpur
  • Suryavanshi of Sarvargadh
  • Borsi or Borad of Borigadh
  • Kalumba of Rumigadh

Mr. J. Pollen, C. S,] are said originally to have been Dor Rajputs. [Dor Rajputs have disappeared from Rajputana where they were once famous and included in the thirty-six royal races. (Tod's Rajasthan, I. 105). They are still found in small numbers in the North-West Provinces. (Elliot's Raoes, I. 87).]

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