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The New Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer

Theaterical Poster
Directed by Shigeo Koshi
Written by Yuichi Shinbo
Starring Wasabi Mizuta
Megumi Ohara
Yumi Kakazu
Subaru Kimura
Tomokazu Seki
Ayaka Wilson
Distributed by Japan Toho
Release date(s) Japan March 7, 2009
Malaysia May 15, 2010
Hong Kong August 5, 2010
Spain Q4 2010
Running time 115 minutes
Country  Japan
Language Japanese
Preceded by Nobita and the Green Giant Legend
Followed by Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King

Doraemon The Movie: The New Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer (映画ドラえもん 新・のび太の宇宙開拓史 Eiga Doraemon Shin Nobita No Uchu Kaitakushi ?), also known as Doraemon The Hero 2009, is an anime movie, released in Japan on March 7, 2009. It will be released in Malaysia on May 15, 2010, and in China on July 12, 2010. It is the remake of the 1981 movie The Record of Nobita: Spaceblazer. This is the first film released during the celebration of TV Asahi's 50th Anniversary. It has also been voted the No.1 Movie in Japan as of March 9, 2009.[1]



Seven years ago, Lopplc and Morina were playing at the park. Then suddenly they felt an earthquake on the Koya Koya Planet. The quake was so massive, that the planet had been destroyed completely. Everyone on the planet had to escape using a big spaceship as they saw the planet's destruction. A sudden bolt of lightning damaged the big spaceship, causing a power failure. The Professor (who was Morina's father) wanted to fix the spaceship, but another lightning strike hit the red hose and the Professor was killed.

During the present day, Nobita's friends are calling him to pick up a baseball from a group of tough baseball players. Gian pushes him to the field and he faces the players. He asks for the ball back, then they chase him and violently drop him into a construction hole.

Two alternate universe creatures, Lopplc and Chammy, are escaping from an attack from an enemy ship. Then suddenly, Chamii presses a red button so that they can escape fast.

While Nobita is sleeping, he suddenly feels the floor is trembling, like there would be an earthquake in his room. A little rabbit from an alternate universe named Chammy opens the door between the dimensions using a hammer and gets inside Nobita's room through the floor. Nobita wakes up and Doraemon hears somebody steal food from the fridge in the kitchen. It is Chammy, who gets caught by Doraemon and Nobita. She shows them the passageway through Nobita's floor into the spaceship. After they enter the spaceship, they see Koya Koya Planet. They meet a boy named Lopplc (now 12 years old).


Character Japanese voice actor Chinese voice actor
Doraemon Wasabi Mizuta Loh Hui Jiar
Nobita Megumi Ōhara Ivan Koh Jit Yang
Shizuka Yumi Kakazu Elora Fam Kai Yen
Jaian Subaru Kimura Chan Lennon
Suneo Tomokazu Seki Kenneth Wee Tzu Roong
Dorami Chiaki Krystle Tay Yi Mann
Teacher Wataru Takagi Nicholas Lee Chee Kuan
Tamako (mother) Kotono Mitsuishi
Nobisuke Nobi (father) Yasunori Matsumoto Joshua Ng
Lopplc Tomo Sakurai Chong Rongshan
Chammy Rei Sakuma Esther Tan Wei Shen
Clem (Roppuru's Sister) Ayaka Wilson Yap Phui Kuan
Raiza (Roppuru's Mom) Samantha Tan Li Ping
Gamoran Nicholas Lee Chee Kuan
Morina Karina
10 year old version: Yui Horie
Michelle Yeoh
10 year old version: Petra Phang Yee Rong
Bubu Tan Wei Qin
Guillermin Akio Ohtsuka Brandon Chan Kai Long
Doubt Yoshimi Tokui Danell Lee
Uno Mitsunori Fukuda Benjamin Tay

Character Description

  • Lopplc (ロップル ?) - People develop stars of the youth development KOYA KOYA planet. Cross-dimensional space by the spacecraft and their connection to Nobita from the rooms of Doraemon and Nobita's friendship. Play an adventure. Firing pattern is not very good. Lopplc reassembles Ryan Cooper from Need for Speed: ProStreet.
  • Chammy (チャミー ?) - ROPPURU with the act, the whole thing was covered with pink hair as she stuffed animals. Dorayaki like to Doraemon. In the original movie and Oita look different.
  • Clem (クレム ?) - Roppuru's sister. Clem reassembles Yumi from Need for Speed: Carbon.
  • Gamoran (カモラン ?) - Roppuru's neighbour.
  • Morina - Roppuru's house maid.
  • Guillermin - The boss fighting against Nobita.
  • Doubt - The first young enemy.
  • Uno - The second young enemy and relationship with Daudo.

Animals on Koya Koya Planet

There are many animals on the Koya Koya Planet.


Toad fish

Synthetic biology of fish and frogs. Like a frog in winter hibernation.


Dendenwani is tall as a man of the synthetic biology snails and alligator.

Avian Ototo

Synthetic biology of fish and birds. GARUTAITO ore using TOKAITOKAI stars blast off in the winter.

Pao Pao

Two people as tall as an elephant's foot. The body, not a foot from his face grew. Wild animals to humans are Garnai. The original author of the "black jungle heavy drinker," was the appearance of the character.


Dakkusukirin usually likes a dachshund in the shape of the head and torso, but when you take a high place in the food and have a shorter torso, his neck rises. .


Japanese versions

  • Japanese opening theme: 『夢をかなえてドラえもん』 (Dream comes true, Doraemon), sung by MAO.
  • Japanese ending song: 『大切にするよ』 (Taisetsu ni Suru Yo), sung by Kou Shibasaki.
  • Japanese insert song: 『キミが笑う世界』, sung by Ayaka Wilson.

Chinese versions

  • Chinese ending song: 「珍惜」, sung by Penny Tai.
  • Chinese insert song: 『基米是世界笑』, sung by Yap Phui Kuan.

Catch Copy

  • At that time, you will become a hero. (その時、君はヒーローになる。 ?)


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