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Double Down
Double Down.jpg
Double Down
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Flash: Iron Heights (2001)
Created by Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver (uncredited)
In-story information
Alter ego Jeremy Tell
Team affiliations the Society
Abilities Skin is made up of "cursed" playing cards; can psionically remove and control the razor-sharp cards

Double Down is DC Comics supervillain and one of the new rogues of the Flash. He first appeared in Flash: Iron Heights and was Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver (2001).

Fictional character biography

Jeremy Tell was a con artist and compulsive gambler. One night, after losing all his money in a game, Tell murdered the high winning gambler. A mystically "cursed deck of cards" the murdered man owned animated and flew at Tell, cleaving and bonding to his skin. They have replaced most of his flesh, and cover most of his body. Tell can, either mentally or mystically, control these cards, detaching them from his body and directing their movement. He can use a card's razor edges to cut through things, or to encase someone with his cards. He often uses puns related to gambling, in much the same manner a Silver Age gimmick villain would.

The extent of his control over the cards has not been explored, nor the limitation of the cards to cut through various materials. Though the cards have cut Superman, who has a vulnerability to magic (Superman Secret Files and Origins 2004) when Double Down, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and Killer Frost were dispatched to kill Amanda Waller, they were unable to cut through a chunk of floor that Superman picked up. Instead, they imbedded into the floor, allowing Superman to punch out Double Down.

When Murmur released his Frenzy virus at Iron Heights, Flash (Wally West) and Piper were sent to investigate the cause of the virus. During the prison's mass breakout, Tell, who was serving time for murder, assault and fraud, was freed and met Piper. Tell used a card to cover his mouth to prevent him from using his flute and used the rest to slice his clothes. Piper then shoved his flute into Tell's mouth and punched his gut, forcing him to blow on the instrument. The resulting sonic blast knocked him unconscious and he was taken back to solitary confinement.

After escaping Iron Heights, he and Girder were both hired by Penguin to help him establish a crime ring in Keystone City, but was stopped by Flash and Nightwing.

During the recent events chronicled in Infinite Crisis, Double Down was one of many superhuman criminals who joined the villainous Society organized by Alexander Luthor, Jr..

Double Down appears in Countdown #30, attempting to steal Piper and Trickster's car. He was later captured by the Suicide Squad.

In Rogues' Revenge #1, Trickster II claims he had a bet with Double Down that the Rogues were being held in Titans Tower.

Double Down was cited in Wizard Magazine by long-time Flash writer Geoff Johns as the one Rogue he would have loved to devote more time to — "The one that got away," so to speak.

Powers and abilities

Double Down’s skin has been replaced by a “cursed deck of cards”. He is able to psionically control the cards, detaching them from his body and directing their movement. He can use a card's razor edges to cut through objects, or to encase an opponent with his cards.

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