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Double Happiness is a common brand of cigarettes sold in China. It is owned by Konci G and D Management Group Inc, and is produced in multiple regional factories, including the Shanghai Cigarette Factory. The brand carries only a tiny health warning on the side of a 20-cigarette pack.[1]

Double Happiness is not the official brand name- the actual name is 'Shuang Xi'. Shanghai-manufactured Shuang Xi cigarettes come in a red pack with white banners displaying the Chinese name 'Shuang Xi' and the English name 'Double Happiness' and is Shuang Xi's budget brand, typically costing 6RMB (about EUR0.60 or US$1) whilst Shuang Xi Classic Original is a higher-quality brand in an allover red-pack costing around 12RMB (about EUR1.20 or US$2). Shuang Xi Classic Original doesn't use the name 'Double Happiness'. Double Happiness is one of the few Chinese cigarette brands that is sold outside of China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and is commonly sold in airport duty-free stores around the world.



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