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Ȁ ȁ
Ȅ ȅ
Ȉ ȉ
Ȍ ȍ
Ȑ ȑ
Ȕ ȕ

The double grave accent is a diacritic used in scholarly discussions of the Croatian, Serbian and sometimes Slovenian languages. It is also used in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

In Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian, double grave accent is used to indicate a short falling tone, though in discussion of Slovenian, a single grave accent is also often used for this purpose. The double grave accent is found with both the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabet; however, it is not used in the everyday orthography of either language, but is used only in discussions of the phonology of these languages.

In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the double grave accent is used to indicate extra-low tone.

The letters a e i o r u and their Cyrillic equivalents а е и о р у can all be found with the double grave accent. Unicode provides precombined characters for the upper- and lowercase Latin letters, but not the Cyrillic ones. The Cyrillic letters can be formed using the combining character for the double grave, which is located at U+030F. This combining character can also be used with IPA vowel symbols if necessary.

Latin alphabet Cyrillic alphabet
Uppercase Unicode Lowercase Unicode Uppercase Unicode Lowercase Unicode
Ȁ U+0200 ȁ U+0201 А̏ U+0410, U+030F а̏ U+0430, U+030F
Ȅ U+0204 ȅ U+0205 Е̏ U+0415, U+030F е̏ U+0435, U+030F
Ȉ U+0208 ȉ U+0209 И̏ U+0418, U+030F и̏ U+0438, U+030F
Ȍ U+020C ȍ U+020D Ο̏ U+041E, U+030F о̏ U+043E, U+030F
Ȑ U+0210 ȑ U+0211 Р̏ U+0420, U+030F р̏ U+0440, U+030F
Ȕ U+0214 ȕ U+0215 У̏ U+0423, U+030F у̏ U+0443, U+030F

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  • Carlton, Terence R. (1991). Introduction to the phonological history of the Slavic languages. Columbus, Ohio: Slavica Publishers. ISBN 0-89357-223-3.  
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