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  • Douglas Clark, known as one of the "Sunset Strip Killers", was sentenced to death in 1983 yet still sits on California's Death Row?

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Douglas Daniel Clark
Born: 1948
Number of victims: Suspected of at least 7[1]
Span of killings: Spring 1980–Summer 1980
Country: United States
State(s): California

Douglas Daniel Clark (born 1948) is an American serial killer.[1] Clark and his accomplice Carol M. Bundy are known as the "Sunset Strip Killers". They were accused and subsequently convicted of a series of killings in Los Angeles.

Clark, a boiler operator in a Jergens soap factory, previously worked at a San Fernando power station, but was fired due to a high rate of absence and threats of violence he had made against his coworkers. After his marriage failed, he met Bundy in 1980 and began living with her.[2] Clark's relationship with Bundy became abusive, and he paid less attention to her, causing her to become desperate for his attention. He began to share his violent fantasies with Bundy, and in June 1980, the couple made their first kill.[3]

The majority of the duo's victims were prostitutes that Clark killed during intercourse. Reportedly, Clark was striving to fulfill his fantasy of killing a woman during intercourse and feeling her vaginal contractions during the death spasms.[1] Clark and Bundy would typically lure the woman into their car and have her perform fellatio on Clark. Bundy would then place a gun into Clark's open palm, and he would shoot the victim in the back of the head. Clark told Bundy that if either of them were apprehended, he would take the blame in the hope that Bundy would be allowed to go free.[4] On one occasion they saved the head of a victim and stored it in a freezer for use as a sex toy.[5]

After his arrest in August 1980, Clark acted as his own defense, insisting that he was framed by the prosecution for the murders. Sentenced to death in 1983, he sits on California's death row.[2][3]

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