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Dough Boys

Promotional poster
Directed by Nicholas Harvell
Produced by Preston A. Whitmore II
Written by Preston A. Whitmore II
Starring Wood Harris
Arlen Escarpeta
Kirk Jones (Sticky Fingaz)
Reagan Gomez-Preston
Cinematography Dan Schmeltzer
Editing by Andre Jones
Country United States
Language English

Dough Boys is a 2008 drama film written and produced[1] by Preston A. Whitmore II and directed by Nicholas Harvell.



"If you are going to survive, you’ve got to get your hustle on.”

1100 Jefferson Street is not just any address; it’s the mecca for four friends bonded by both their circumstances and their struggle to make something, anything out of their seemingly predetermined fate.

The crew played by Arlen Escarpeta (“We Are Marshall”), Cory Hardrict (“Driftwood”), Maurice McRae (“The King”) and Lorenzo Eduardo (“The Hammer”) share one simple job description -- “Dough Boys.”

Corey, the all-around good guy with great potential (Escarpeta); Smooth, the ladies man, big dreamer and quintessential leader (Hardrict); Black, the eager-to-please skinny weed head (McRae) and Long Cuz, the skittishly annoying square trying to keep up with everyone else (Eduardo) form the group who make up their rules and moves as they go along.

Drama can always be found among 1100 Jefferson Street’s day-to-day dealings down to the resident crack head that serves as both lookout and snitch and the good-hearted Beauty (Reagan Gomez-Preston – “Beauty Shop”) running a full-service hair salon out of her one-bedroom apartment.

Meanwhile, Corey plays a balancing act with the streets and his future as he weighs the arguments of his girlfriend in one ear and mentor, Simuel – played by Gabriel Casseus (“Black Hawk Down”) – in the other to go back to school.

But constantly calling Corey’s attention are the “Dough Boys,” who dream big enough to spend their money before they get it and smoke their joints before they roll ‘em.

Although they shy clear of the drug game, the boys still do their streetwise duty in protecting the resident drug dealer in the building, played by Kirk Jones a.k.a. Sticky Fingaz (“Flight of the Phoenix”). This is a loyal bond that pays off well. But their current “hustle” of choice is flipping counterfeit casino chips in a limited market.

The young men have obviously bit off more than they can chew and when their buyer Julian France, played by Wood Harris (“Remember the Titans”) walks in it gets really interesting. Thus, the “Dough Boys” fight to stay alive as the rules of the street that they live by consequentially are the very rules that begin to pull them under.

The film also features performances by Ricky Harris (“This Christmas”), Kel Mitchell (“Honeydripper”) and Page Kennedy (“S.W.A.T.”)

For anyone who hustled for more in life comes “Dough Boys” produced and written by writer/director/producer Preston A. Whitmore II (“The Walking Dead,” “Fled”), fresh from producing, writing and directing Sony Screen Gem’s “This Christmas” which has grossed over $49 million worldwide, just under $18 million of that opening weekend.

“Dough Boys” – which is the first full-length feature film from director Nicholas Harvell – is the inaugural feature from Whitmore’s “Give Back” program, where he funds independent films to give up and coming directors, actors and other filmmakers a shot at utilizing their skills. Bonnie Berry LaMon serves as Executive Producer.


Produced by

  • Preston A. Whitmore II .... Producer
  • Bonnie Berry LaMon .... Executive Producer
  • Matthew Gray .... Line Producer



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