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Douglas Fargo
Eureka character
Portrayed by Neil Grayston
Gender Male

Douglas Fargo — usually referred to as simply "Fargo", or occasionally "Doctor Fargo" — is a character on the American science fiction drama Eureka, an employee of Global Dynamics, the research facility in Eureka. Fargo often acts as an assistant to Doctor Nathan Stark, the director of Global Dynamics and later Allison Blake. Fargo has been connected to several separate development projects, including SARAH (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat) and the "mental mouse". A recurring theme is that the names of both Fargo and his grandfather are names of cities in North and South Dakota.

He is played by Canadian actor Neil Grayston.

Personal Relationships

Many residents of Eureka look down on Fargo as either less intelligent than the other scientists or simply inept at his job, although his scientific ability has yet to be shown to be sub-par for Eureka. Fargo has a crush on Deputy Jo Lupo; although initially uninterested, she later seems to care for him to at least some degree ("Noche de Suenos"). Later on, he does begin a relationship with a fellow lab tech Julia in Your Face Or Mine, but only after getting to know her whilst she masquerades as Lupo. Their relationship is shown continuing and deepening in the Season 3 finale What Goes Around Comes Around.[1].

He appears to have a deep seated rivalry with Larry, another employee at Global Dynamics, although the basis for this rivalry has never been established.

His social skills and practical intelligence may be less than ideal, including stereotypical fanboy behavior ("Many Happy Returns") and accidentally saying thoughts out loud that would better be kept private (H.O.U.S.E. Rules). He also is an avid fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar, having a doll of her, and wanted to use her voice for S.A.R.A.H. when he helped to create it - it's possible he is using his own voice when she speaks, but this has not been confirmed yet in the series. In "Family Reunion" Fargo discovers his grandfather was cryogenically frozen in 1957 and is thawed out into the present. As he helps his grandfather get used to the world, Fargo discovers his grandfather discovered research and techniques that were the basis for Eureka but they were stolen by a rival. His grandfather proves the various scientific theories were his with several things (such as the cyrogenic chamber) renamed in his honor. Fargo is thus given more confidence he comes from an illustrious line and hopes to match those achievements.


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