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Douglas Lochhead, FRSC (born March 25, 1922) is a Canadian poet living in Sackville, New Brunswick, of which town he is the official poet laureate. Born in Guelph, Ontario, Lochhead served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War, later taking degrees at McGill University and the University of Toronto.

From 1963-1975 he was a librarian and Senior Fellow of Massey College, University of Toronto. In 1975 Lochhead took up the position of Davidson Professor of Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University. The following year, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. In 1987 he received honorary doctorates from Saint Mary's University (D.Litt) and Dalhousie University (L.L.D). He received the 2005 Carlo Betocchi Poetry Prize, becoming the first non-Italian to be awarded this honour. In 2006 the University of New Brunswick awarded Lochhead an honorary doctor of letters degree.


  • The Heart is Fire (1959)
  • An old woman looks out on Gabarus Bay remembering history, June 8, 1958 (1959)
  • It Is All Around (1960)
  • Shepherds Before Kings (1963)
  • Poet Talking (1964)
  • A & B & C &: An Alphabet (1969)
  • Millwood Road Poems (1970)
  • Prayers in a Field: Ten Poems (1974)
  • The Full Furnace: Collected Poems (1975)
  • High Marsh Road: Lines for a Diary (1980) Published in Italian as La Strada di Tantramar (2004)
  • A&E (1980)
  • A&E. rev. ed. Harrier Editions, 1998. ISBN 0-919271-09-X
  • Battle Sequence Poems (1980)
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  • Tiger in the Skull: New and Selected PoemsFiddlehead Poetry Books/Goose Lane Editions (1986) ISBN 0-86492-072-5
  • The Red Jeep and Other Landscapes: A Collection in Honour of Douglas Lochhead. Goose Lane Editions, 1987. ISBN 0-86492-063-6.
  • Upper Cape Poems Goose Lane Editions(1989) ISBN 0-86492-100-4.
  • Dykelands (With Thaddeus Holownia) (1989) ISBN 0-7735-0722-1
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  • Cape Engrage: Poems on a Raised Beach (2000)
  • Yes, Yes, Yes! (2001)
  • Orkney: October Diary (2002)
  • Weathers: Poems New & Selected (2002)
  • Midgic (2003)
  • That Place by Tantramar: Sackville, New Brunswick (2007)
  • Love on the Marsh (Sackville NB: Sybertooth, 2008) ISBN 978-0-9739505-3-3
  • Looking into Trees (Sackville NB: Sybertooth, 2009) ISBN 978-0-9810244-3-1

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