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Role Advanced trainer
National origin USA
Manufacturer Douglas
First flight never flew

The Douglas XT-30 was a proposed American military advanced trainer, not built.



Intended to replace the North American T-6 Texan, the XT-30 was designed in 1948 for a USAF competition. The design had a 800 hp (600 kW) Wright R1300 radial mounted amidships behind the cockpit (in the fashion of the P-39),[1] in a rather squared-off fuselage.[2] The R1300 drove a three-bladed propellor by way of an extension shaft (driveshaft).[3] The XT-30 design sat pilot and pupil in tandem, under a framed greenhouse canopy[4] and had a straight low wing.[5]

Competing against North American's T-28 Trojan, the more complex XT-30 was not selected for production and none were built.[6]

Specifications (projected)

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General characteristics



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