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Map showing the location of the Douro subregion

Douro Subregion is a part of Norte Region, Portugal. The name derives from the fact that the subregion covers the major part of the Portuguese section of the Douro River.

With an area of 4,114 km² and a population of 217,000 inhabitants, is one of the less densely populated Portuguese subregions. Its main urban centers are Vila Real (pop. 35,000), Lamego (18,000) and Régua (12,000).Other cities:Foz Coa(3,300) & Tarouca(3,200).

Its economical activity is largely centered around the production of wine and more specifically Port wine, although the Douro DOC wine region also produces non-fortified Douro wine. The entire region is mountainous crossed by steep valleys.


Main rivers


Principal Mountain

Serra do Marão.

Main monuments

Se/cathedral,Mateus Palace(V.Real),Remedios and Sé/cathedral(Lamego). Douro valley wine culture and Coa(Côa)valley,both classified by UNESCO as heritage sights.


There are 19 municipios(concelhos)[Some are towns,some have city(cidade)status[specified]Some are N. of Douro river,others S. Municipios/concelhos:


Aerodromo de Vila Real/ Douro {VRL}.


Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro.



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