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Dr. Mario & Puzzle League (entitled Dr. Mario & Panel de Pon (Dr.MARIO&パネルでポン ?) in Japan) is a 2-in-1 game released for the Game Boy Advance in 2005. It is a combination of Dr. Mario and Panel de Pon.


  • Dr. Mario most resembles the Nintendo 64 version, Dr. Mario 64.
  • Puzzle League is completely changed from the original (Panel de Pon, Japan only). The graphics closely resemble those of the GBA multiboot version from Nintendo Puzzle Collection.
  • Both games have a Vertical mode that can be unlocked, where you tilt the GBA 90° counterclockwise to play, allowing for a higher resolution playing field.
  • Both games have a multi-pack multiplayer mode, but can download a demo version to a GBA. The Demo version of Dr. Mario features limited animation and an NES soundtrack, and the demo version of Puzzle League features a small animal (Pupuri from Panel de Pon) on the side that calls out when blocks are cleared, similar to Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle League. The demo of Puzzle League is also the same demo from Nintendo Puzzle Collection

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