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Dr. Muto
Dr. Muto.jpg
North American cover art for GameCube
Developer(s) Midway Games
Publisher(s) Midway Games
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) PlayStation 2 & Xbox
NA November 19, 2002
PAL March 21, 2003
NA December 17, 2002
Game Boy Advance
PAL March 21, 2003
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ELSPA: 11+
OFLC: G 8+

Dr. Muto is a 2002 video game by Midway Games for the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance.



Dr. Muto, a scientist, had built a machine that would provide free, renewable energy for his home planet of Midway. However, the machine was sabotaged by Muto's rival, Dr Burnital, and malfunctioned, destroying the planet. Dr. Muto survived, living on a chunk of the destroyed planet, and now plans to build a machine, the Genitor 9000, that will rebuild Midway. However, the pieces necessary for the assembly and running of the machine are scattered across a number of planets and must be collected.


  • Dr. Muto

The protagonist of the game. Dr. Muto can use a Splizz Gun to morph into a mouse, gorilla, spider, fish, and flying squirrel, each of which has unique abilities that enable him to complete different stages of the game.

  • AL

Muto's computer and guide. In the game, he needs the isotopes to power up the Genitor 9000. AL also helps Muto in his adventures and was seen on a map screen to know where Muto is. AL is a parody of HAL 9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

  • Jankey

Jankey is Dr. Muto's servant. He is a parody of the stock character Igor. Jankey has a wheel for feet, and is very strong, but grotesque looking and stupid. However he is very loyal to the doctor and has a good heart.

  • Vinny Bino

The boss of the Totltec world, Vinny was a spoiled child, and failed school because nobody was "good enough for him". In Totltec, Vinny creates a device called the Goomatron. In his boss battle, he uses a bulldozer-like suit. The death animation for Bino shows his suit malfunctioning before he falls into a vat of acid and dies.

  • Carla "Squid Kisser" McPhearson

The boss of the world Aqeum. In her boss fight, she uses a robotic squid with one switch to control it. Carla's death animation shows that she can't control the squid, then crashes into one of the generators and dies.

  • Steele, uh, just Steele

The boss of the world Flotos, Steele plans to use his ship to take over Flotos. In his boss fight, Steele uses jet pack to fly. His death animation shows his jet pack malfunctioning and he falls, but ejects and begins parachute to safety. However, his parachute rips, and Steele falls into a black hole.

  • Professor Burnital

The boss of the world Mazon and main antagonist of the game. Burnital vows revenge against Muto for humiliating him in front of the military, his teacher, the rest of the world, and wrecking his life. He has wrinkly, leathery skin, and is short-sighted. Burnital plans to create a super laser machine to finish off Muto once and for all. In his boss fight, Burnital uses a robot that can stick to the floor. His death animation shows the robot going haywire, while Burnital makes an escape with the escape pod. He tells Muto that he will fight him another day. While inside the escape, Al catches him, because the escape pod was designed by Muto. Burnital then dies when the pod crashes with him in it.

  • SOBs (Servants of Burnital)

Burnital has created these minions to finish Muto once and for all. These exist in every level but Midway.


In the game, Dr. Muto has the ability to morph into many creatures, and use a variety of gadgets to get through the game.



Dr. Muto is able to turn into 5 different creatures with the use of the Splizz Gun in the game. These can be unlocked by collecting items like isotopes and animal DNA. These morphs also have special upgrades.

  • Gerbillous Doctorus (mouse)

The first morph in the game. It allows you to enter small spaces, and attack enemies with his tail. It resembles a mouse. It can be upgraded to a rat.

This morph may be slow and clumsy, but it is super-strong, can create a powerful "butt-bounce", climb walls and hang on to bars. It resembles a cross between a gorilla and a dinosaur. It can be upgraded to a robotic version.

This morph allows you to enter in small spider holes, and climb webbing on the walls. Also, it can throw powerful spider eggs that act as mines, and attack enemies. It resembles a deformed spider. It can be upgraded to a cockroach.

  • Spiny Docfish (fish)

This morph allows you to swim underwater, and attack enemies with a powerful spike attack. It resembles a blue fish. It can be upgraded to an electric eel.

This morph allows you to fly in the sky, complete flying ring courses, and shoot slimy hairballs at flying enemies. It resembles a flying squirrel. It can be upgraded to a bat.


There are seven different gadgets Dr. Muto can use.

Splizz Gun

You get the Splizz Gun at the start of the game, it allows Dr. Muto to extract DNA from enemies, electrocute and shoot lasers at enemies, and allows him to morph into five different creatures.

Pocket Rocket

This gadget allows you to either shoot rockets at enemies in third person mode, or guide your own rocket in first person mode.

Super Boots

These are boots which allows Dr. Muto to jump higher than normal. You get them at the start of the game, but there are just one or two more per planet.

Rocket Boots

You get them at the start of the game, but there is just one more per area.

Invisibility Generator

This gadget will allow you to go past enemies unnoticed for a short time.

Invulnerability Field

This gadget equips you with an iron armor that will protect you from enemy damage and some hazards for a limited time. However, it cannot protect you from falling from great heights or being crushed by machinery.

Planets and Levels


The home of Dr. Muto. He is the only person left on Midway because he destroyed the rest of the world by accident. There is only one chunk left of this planet, floating in space. Named after the software house, Midway Games.


A junkyard of a planet. Is contaminated and filled with toxic, green goo. Totltec is inhabited by Vinny, a boss cyborg, mutant insects, and his security forces. In here, the Goonimator is stored, and Dr. Muto must destroy it. This planet acts as Burnital Industries' junkyard. The levels here are The Junkyard, The Vats, The Factory, and Vinny's Dump'.


The least polluted planet of Burnital Industries. This is where the insane and deranged mutant mermaid Carla McPhearson inhabits the water, along with mutant fish, "Charks", and Carla's henchmen. Some areas of this planet are polluted by oil, coming from Burnital's gigantic oil rig. The levels are The Lagoon, The Oil Rig, The Hydro Station, Water Works, and Carla's Hole.


Flotos is a gaseous planet in which you must use Teradoctil to get around the planet and lower its defenses. The setting is a group of facilities that are remaining on Flotos. All of its crust was used for valuable fuel. The stages are The Sphere, The Cube, The Furnaces, Jupiter City, and Steele's Garage.


Professor Burnital's planet in which Dr. Muto defeats him. This is Burnital HQ, where Burnital lives. This planet is an underground factory. Before you can fight Professor Burnital, you need to find the key to his lair in his workshop, then solve an alien puzzle device that leads to his lair. The stages are The Workshop and Burnital's Lair.


It was released in November 2002 to well received reviews, but sold poorly.


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Dr. Muto
Box artwork for Dr. Muto.
Developer(s) Midway
Publisher(s) Midway
Release date(s)
PlayStation 2, Xbox
Nintendo GameCube
Game Boy Advance
Genre(s) Action
System(s) GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance
Mode(s) Single player
ESRB: Teen
ELSPA: Ages 11+
OFLC: General 8+

Dr. Muto is a 2002 video game by Midway Games for the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance. The game tells a story of a doctor who plans to rebuild the planet he destroyed by building a machine. In order to do so, he must find the part on different planets.

Dr. Muto, a mad scientist, must rebuild his homeworld, Midway, after his evil rival, Professor Burnital, sabotages Muto's machine that would have provided free, renewable energy for the planet, but instead, destroys it. Muto is aided by his sentient computer, AL.

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