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Dr. Norm Geddes holds a Doctoral degree in Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, with a specialty in Human-Machine Systems. He is a leading researcher on the creation and validation of real-time computer models of human beliefs and intentions, both as individuals and as groups.[1] His ground-breaking use of real-time models of human beliefs and intentions has been recognized by numerous awards, including the Grover Bell Award for research from the American Helicopter Society for his work on the Army Rotorcraft Pilots Associate, and a 2005 National Group Achievement Award from NASA for his contributions to modeling of human beliefs and intentions in collaborative air traffic management. Dr. Geddes also holds a Master of Science in Aeronautical Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Physics. From 1971 to 1977, he served as a Naval Aviator, completing tours as a jet flight instructor and as a project test pilot for tactical jet fighter projects at the Naval Air Development Center. After making several technical contributions to human interaction with complex systems and simulations, Dr. Geddes turned his main research interests to the creation of real-time intelligent systems that model the complex behaviors of skilled humans, as individuals and as groups.[2] Dr. Geddes holds patents in the use of real-time dynamic models of intentions as applied to intelligent network management and dynamic business process management.[3]


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Selected Publications

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