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Dragon Booster
Genre CGI Animation, Action Adventure
Country of origin Canada Canada
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 39 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Nerd Corps Entertainment
Running time 22-30 minutes
Original channel Canada CBC
Malaysia Astro Ceria(Stopped)
Poland ZigZap
United States Toon Disney's Jetix
United Kingdom Sky One
Japan TV Tokyo
Italy Italia 1
Brazil Jetix
Original airing 2004
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Dragon Booster is a Canadian animated series first broadcast in 2004. It follows the story of young Artha Penn, a stable boy who rides Beaucephalis (or "Beau" for short), the dragon of legend. He becomes a Dragon Booster, a hero to protect the world from the impending Dragon-Human war, and to unite humans and dragons for all time.

Many of the characters are named after characters from the tales of King Arthur. Artha Penn being a play on Arthur Pendragon. Moordryd on Mordred Le Fey (Arthur's illegitimate son), Lance Penn on Lancelot.

This series is produced in cel shaded CGI. As the series has not made any new episodes with no future plans to (due to cancellation), there are many online petitions made by fans in hopes of scoring a continuance into Dragon Booster's second incarnation, Dragon Booster Academy.


5000 years ago

5000 years later humans and dragons spread across the planet and settled in places far off. To better adapt to the new challenges faced by them, the humans bred the pure Gold Draconium STAR-CLASS star dragons into specialized sub-breeds:

  • Black Draconium PSI-CLASS Dragons
  • Red Draconium MAGMA-CLASS Dragons
  • Green Draconium BULL-CLASS Dragons
  • Blue Draconium ENERGY-CLASS Dragons
  • Purple Draconium PACK-CLASS Dragons
  • Orange Draconium CONTROL-CLASS Dragons
  • Light Green Draconium SCAVENGER-CLASS Dragons
  • Light Blue Draconium NAUTILUS-CLASS Dragons
  • Turqouize Draconium SONIC-CLASS Dragons
  • Brown Draconium EARTH-CLASS Dragons
  • Grey Draconium BONE-CLASS Dragons
  • White Draconium SKY-CLASS Dragons

As the colors of Draconium changed, the Dragons did not only change in appearance but also in their emotional states; their bone-marks also changed shape as did the color and frequency of their Mag-energy. Their human riders also suffered the similar behavioral changes due to the direct bond between human and dragon. Great Draconium Empires formed across the planet based on these Draconium Colors. They battled against each other and vied for supremacy. The Order of the Dragon Priests, who had dedicated themselves to the preservation of the last of the Pure Gold Draconium STAR-CLASS Dragons, warned the people that if the dragons were not respected and freed then there would come a time when the dragons would rise against them. The People did not believe, and so the Dragon Priests continued their work of keeping the Gold Dragons preserved.

3000 years ago

Nearly 2000 years later the Prophecy of the Dragon Priests came true. Dragons, realising that they had been duped, rose up against their masters and began the Great Dragon Human War. Led by the legendary Armeggadon (human leader of the Black Draconium Empire) and the Dragon League of Eight (Eight Pure Black Draconium Dragons), the Dragons fought against humans and the ensuing war threatened to rip apart the planet. At this time a single Gold Dragon, the last of his kind then, chose a human to be his hero in order to prove that unity was still possible, a Dragon Booster. Seeing this, many dragons joined their side. Enough gold draconium was mined to make the Armour of the Dragon Booster, and together they fought against the forces of Armeggadon and the League of Eight. But it was not enough that they had a gold dragon, and the Dragon Booster had to win the four primary colors of draconium over to their side. The Draconium colors of Green, Red, Blue and Black each produced a booster as well who joined with the Dragon Booster. From the Green Draconium Empire came the Power Booster. The Red Draconium Empire produced the Fire Booster. The Blue Draconium Empire produced the Energy Booster. And the Shadow Booster joined them from the Black Draconium Empire. These Five Boosters along with their followers slowly managed to halt the advancement of Armeggadon and the League of Eight. During this time, the Grey Draconium Dragons constructed the Horn of Libris and gave it to the Dragon Booster, telling him to use it when the time was right. The Dragon Booster entrusted the Horn to the Energy Booster. Soon afterwards, Armeggadon was sealed in the Shadow Track by the Shadow Booster. The time being ripe, the Dragon Booster and the four primary colors of draconium, along with the fringe elements of the other Draconium Empires that had joined their side, combined their powers and powered up the ancient gold draconium structures present underneath the planet and released a burst of balanced power that reverted all the dragons on Draconis back to gold. The Bone-Marks of the reverted dragons were however not changed and were instead severed off. Dragons went into the new world with a small nub in the place of the Bone-Mark.

Soon After the Dragon-Human War

The War was over, but not the danger. The severed Bone-Marks were found to possess the spirits of the warrior dragons and were capable of possessing dragons. The Dragon Priests took upon themselves to guard the dangerous Bone-Marks. The World of Draconis was in shambles and uncertain as how to rebuild. It was at this time when the Dragon Priests helped to write the Academy Charter and began construction on the Dragon City Academy. This Academy and the Elite Track was originally intended to be a means of preventing another Dragon Human War to take place. However the Dragon Priests soon realized that the Academy and the Elite Track was merely another way of starting another Dragon Human War and so they retreated from the world. The Dragon Priests hid and guarded the Bone-Marks as well as various other powerful artifacts from the Dragon Human War, like the Gauntlets of the Booster. They also produced another prophecy that foretold another Dragon Human War and the Return of the Black-and-Gold Dragon who would choose another Dragon Booster. They Foretold that only the new Dragon Booster and the new Dragon of Legend would be able to stop the New Dragon Human War. And so eons passed and the Dragon Priests once again wait for the One.





In an interview with Matt Hill (the voice of Artha Penn) on June 10, 2006 at the Otakuthon convention held in Concordia University, it was made apparent that Dragon Booster failed to pull together a large enough fan base and production has permanently ceased on the series. He stated, "We did not get the following 13 episodes." When asked why the series lost its bid for more episodes, Hill responded, "There weren't enough viewers."

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