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Dramatic Chipmunk, also referred to as Dramatic Prairie Dog, is a popular viral video, originally released on June 19, 2007 on CollegeHumor.[1] Despite the title, the video actually features a prairie dog.[2][3] The video is a five-second clip of the prairie dog turning its head while the camera zooms in and dramatic music from the film Young Frankenstein plays with thunder rumbling in the background.



Dramatic Chipmunk is a clip of an episode of the Japanese morning show Hello! Morning featuring Mini Moni.[4] CollegeHumor also released a longer clip from the show under the title Undramatic Chipmunk.[2]


Since its release, the video has received tens of millions of views.[5] People Magazine named the Dramatic Chipmunk as one of The 10 Wildest YouTube Stars of 2007.[6]

In popular culture

The video and parodies of the video have appeared in other media including the music video for "Pork and Beans" by Weezer which features a parody of the Dramatic Chipmunk[3] and the South Park episode "Canada on Strike". Its also parodied by a squirrel in the Total Drama Island episode "I Triple Dog Dare You".[7] In the recent show Fanboy And Chum-Chum the dramatic chipmunk appears as a pet Fanboy tried to train. also included as one of the gifts from their advent calendar in 2009, a dramatic Meet Eyeshadow kit. A meepit being a fictitious animal not unlike a prairie dog in appearance. CarMax created commercials based on the chipmunk video involving a monkey, bird, and dog. Countdown with Keith Olbermann also frequently uses the Dramatic Chipmunk.Also the nicktoon show "Back at the Barnyard" had a Dramatic Chipmunk reference by pig.


BustedTees, CollegeHumor's in-house T-shirt retailer, released a T-shirt featuring the Dramatic Chipmunk.[2][8]


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