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Dream Satellite TV
Dream SATV Ph Logo
Type Satellite television
Country Philippines Philippines
Availability National
Slogan Reaching You, Touching You
Owner Philippine Multi-Media System, Inc.
Launch date 2001
Official Website www.dream.com.ph

Dream Satellite TV is the first all-digital Direct-To-Home (DTH) television broadcasting service via satellite in the Philippines. Broadcasting from the Dream Broadcast Center located at the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga, channel content is received from program providers, compressed and broadcast via Mabuhay Satellite Agila 2 in DVB and NTSC color format exclusively to its subscribers using the Integrated Receiver-Decoder. Because of the DTH technology, all remote locations, areas beyond cable access and even on Philippine coastal waters, are reachable by the Dream Satellite TV service; the broadcast signal is always clear wherever the subscriber is.[1]

To receive Dream's broadcasting signals, subscribers must acquire a 55 cm in diameter satellite dish antenna, an Integrated Receiver-Decoder (IRD) and a Dream Conditional Access Card (Smart Card). To provide security and protection, the satellite signals of Dream shall be encrypted using a Conditional Access System. Thus, exclusive use of Dream programs and services will only be available to Dream subscribers. [2] Plus, Dream's IRDs are equipped with features such as an electronic program guide, parental lock, events timer, purchased events list, games and biorhythm, pay-per-view channels, and audio channels.[3]

The Dream system is available at exclusive dealers accessible in major areas nationwide, thus, Dream subscribers will have immediate access to its services. Dream maintains sales offices in the following areas: Makati City; Mabalacat, Pampanga; Calamba City, Laguna; Mandaue City, Cebu, and Davao City.[4]


Historical highlights

In April 1997, Dream was incorporated to the Philippine Multi-Media System, Inc. (PMSI). On February 6, 1998, the Philippine Congress passed into law Republic Act No. 8630 which granted PMSI a franchise to construct, install, maintain and operate for commercial purposes and in the public interest, television and radio broadcasting in the Philippines. The franchise term is 25 years. On February 1, 2000, The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) granted a provisional authority to engage in Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite services. On February 7, 2001, the PMSI inaugurates its Dream Broadcasting Center at Clark Development Center, and on April 22, 2001, the commercial launch of Dream Broadcasting System, the first DTH system in the Philippines, took place.[5]

Channel lineup

The following channel line-up as of February 16, 2010. [6][7][8][9] Note: Click on channel logo to view its 7-day program schedules via Dream Satellite TV channel website. For a detailed list of Dream Satellite TV's current and regularly updated channel lineup, see Lyngsat under references at the bottom. [10] Glorystar channels are free-to-air channels which Dream also offers. [11]

Local/Service Channels Movies Channels Gen. Ent./Variety Channels Documentary/Educational Channels Kids Channels
News/Info Channels Sports Channels Music Channels Foreign Channels Religious Channels
† – Exclusive to Dream Satellite TV
Ch. # Network Minimum Package Notes
1 e-Talk Dream Lite 390 Barker channel and reserved for Pay-Per-View events.
2 ABS-CBN (VHF 2) Dream Lite 390
3 NBN (VHF 4) Dream Lite 390
4 TV5 (VHF 5) Dream Lite 390
5 GMA (VHF 7) Dream Lite 390
6 RPN (VHF 9) / Solar TV Dream Lite 390
7 IBC (VHF 13) Dream Lite 390
8 Studio 23 (UHF 23) Dream Lite 390
9 MTV Southeast Asia Dream Lite 390 Temporary Channel, replaced from MTV Philippines
10 UNTV (UHF 37) Dream Lite 390
11 Living Asia Channel Dream Lite 390
12 TV Maria Dream Lite 390
13 Cartoon Network Philippines Dream Lite 390
14 Nickelodeon Philippines Dream Lite 390
15 STAR Movies Dream Lite 390
16 STAR World Dream Lite 390
17 AXN Philippines Dream Lite 390
18 Bio Asia Dream Lite 390 Also known as Biography Channel Asia.
19 Discovery Channel Philippines Dream Lite 390
20 CNN International Dream Lite 390
21 RJTV (UHF 29) / 2nd Avenue Dream Lite 390
22 Australia Network Dream Lite 390
23 CITV Asia Dream Star 650 Also known as Crime & Investigation Network Asia.
24 Turner Classic Movies Asia Dream Star 650
25 Animal Planet Dream Star 650
26 Discovery Travel & Living Dream Star 650
27 History Asia Dream Star 650 Also known as The History Channel Asia.
28 National Geographic Channel Philippines Dream Star 650
29 BBC World News Dream Star 650
30 CNBC Asia Dream Star 650
31 MBC Premium Available only to Dream Star 650 subscribers.
32 DW-TV Asia+ Dream Lite 390 18 hours of (English) programming plus 6 hours programming in (German)
33 Hallmark Channel Philippines Dream Lite 390
34 Animax Philippines Dream Lite 390
35 STAR Sports Dream Lite 390
36 SET Asia Dream Star 650
37 Q (VHF 11) Dream Lite 390
38 ESPN Philippines Dream Star 650
201 Love Radio Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
202 Yes! FM Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
203 The Edge Radio Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
204 CMN Radio Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
205 Dream FM Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
206 BBC Radio Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
207 iFM Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
208 RJ 100 Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
209 NU 107 Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel
210 Sports Radio / PhilRadio Dream Lite 390 Radio Channel

Status of competition and controversy

Dream Satellite TV filed a complaint with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) against Global Broadcasting and Multimedia, Inc. (G Sat) for offering A DTH service in the Philippines without a franchise and a license from Philippine authorities, namely the Philippine Congress for a broadcast franchise and the NTC for a Certificate of Public Convenience .[12] Aside from Dream, the Lopez group SkyCable also filed a similar complaint against GBMI. It argued that GBMI's illegal entry into the industry will result in the unnecessary duplication of an existing service that existing cable TV and DTH-TV service providers already adequately provide. [13]

Status of competition

Dream Satellite TV competes with many DTV providers in Philippines, Dream's rival G Sat owned by Global Broadcasting and Multimedia Inc. (GBMI) a sister company of Global Destiny Cable, also offers limited channels including Solar Entertainment Channels and few of the favorite and international channels.

Aside from G Sat, another third Philippine DTH provider is Cignal Digital TV owned by MediaScape, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. under the PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund. Cignal air few of local and favorite channel including 4 High Definition channels. Both G Sat and Cignal are now beaming in NSS 11 satellite.

And fourth Philippine DTH provider is GV Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (also known as GV Sat) owned by 360Media Corp. a sister company of MediaScape which brought by Cignal. This DTH provider features never before seen Philippine Satellite channels both TV (Local and International Channels) and Radio channels, which is now seen both Global Destiny Cable and Cablelink in Metro Manila, examples like Flip TV, AMA Learning Channel among others.

Plus 3 International DTH provider exist namely 146 Sky-Net of Taiwan features Chinese variety, premium and entertainment channels. Second is the Glorystar Channels Package, it features with complete all 4 TBN channels, non TBN channels like God's Learning Channel including local religious channel like Word for the Word Channel and HCBN. There is also TAS that features 4 channels in Taiwan like CTI News. Good TV 2 also can be viewed in another transponder. Like Dream, both GV Sat, 146 Sky-Net, TAS and Glorystar are all beaming in Agila 2 Ku-band signal.


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Dream Satellite TV is pay DTH service of Philippine Multimedia Service Inc.(PMSI).

Channels Offerred

Dream currently offers only 38 stations. These are the channels as of October 9, 2007. However the number of channels depends on prepaid card denomination. For full channel packages click here. <ref> Dream Entertainment Packages as of January 1, 2008 </ref>

Local Channels

  • 002 - ABS-CBN 2
  • 003 - NBN 4
  • 004 - ABC 5
  • 005 - GMA 7
  • 006 - RPN 9 / C/S
  • 007 - IBC 13
  • 008 - Studio 23
  • 027 - ETC / SBN 21
  • 036 - 2nd Avenue / RJTV 29

  • Movie Channels

  • 018 - Hallmark Channel
  • 028 - HBO
  • 029 - Cinemax
  • 030 - Star Movies
  • 031 - Turner Classic Movies

  • News Channels

  • 020 - CNN International
  • 021 - BBC World
  • 032 - CNBC Asia

  • Sports Channels

  • 024 - Star Sports
  • 025 - ESPN
  • 037 - Solar Sports

  • Cartoon Channels

  • 013 - Cartoon Network Philippines
  • 014 - Nickelodeon
  • 015 - Animax

  • Learning Channels

  • 011 - Living Asia Channel
  • 019 - Discovery Channel
  • 026 - Discovery Travel & Living
  • 034 - Animal Planet
  • 035 - National Geographic Channel

  • Adventure Channel

  • 017 - AXN

  • Entertainment Channel

  • 016 - Star World

  • Music Channel

  • 009 - MTV Philippines

  • Foreign Channel

  • 022 - Australia Network
  • 033 - Deutsche Welle (Germany)

  • Premium Channel===
  • 038 - MBC (Korea)

  • =Religious Channel

  • 012 - TV Maria

  • Pay-Per-View Channel(PPV)

  • 023 - Dream Cinema

  • Other Channels

  • 010 - Mabuhay Channel

  • Radio Channels

  • Radio Crossroads
  • Classic Blend
  • BBC Asian Network
  • 106.7 Dream FM
  • i! FM 93.9
  • Catholic Media Network
  • RMN News AM
  • The Edge Radio
  • DWNU 107.5 FM
  • RJ 100

  • Free to Air Channels

    The following channels are covered via Agila 2:Ku-band signals both TV and Radio Channels are free to air with no extra fees. However it is not part of Dream Entertainment Packages.

    TV Free to Air Channels

  • Flip TV 1 and 2
  • Max TV
  • AMA Channel
  • RJTV 29
  • Karaoke TV
  • Good TV
  • SBN 21
  • TBN
  • The Church Channel
  • JCTV
  • Smile of a Child

  • Radio Free to Air Channels

  • Magic 89.9
  • GV FM 99.1
  • Radio Centro 792
  • Beat Box
  • Radio Maria Philippines
  • RJ 100

  • ==Dream Satellite TV History
    Until 2006 Dream offered a competitive and technologically advanced system, and was the first content provider in the Philippines to offer such channels as Disney, Fox News and TCM. Their service reached a peak in October 2005 with the adding of Discovery, Discovery Travel, and Animal Planet.

    However, starting June 16th 2006 Dream began to delete channels with Fox News, Star Chinese and Channel V deleted in favor of free to air channels.
    Then on August 16th 2007 Dream deleted 13 channels including the very popular Disney channel, replacing them with nothing, while maintaining their very high subscriber rates.
    Currently Dream is the only provider without the Disney Channel.
    On September 23rd Dream dropped PBO movie channel, replacing it with Free-to-air Australian TV

    Thus, as a result, Dream charges much more than the cable services despite having only half the channels the Cable services offer.

    With these moves Dream now seems only be seeking customers in non-cable areas as they are no longer a realistic choice to anyone who has the option of cable in their area. This will only worsen as competitors SkyCable, Global Destiny Cable and CableLink add channels while Dream just deletes and deletes more channels.

    Dream Satellite Info and Entertainment Packages

  • Dream Satellite TV Via Lyngsat Including both TV and Radio Channels
  • Dream Channel Listing

  • References

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    Satellite television

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  • Official Website
  • Official Website 2

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