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Southern Moon Palace Patrol

  1. Drive through 1st patrol point. (00:25)
  2. Drive through 2nd patrol point. (00:45)
  3. Drive through 3rd patrol point. (00:55)

Garbage Collector!

  1. Collect Garbage in A District.
  2. Collect Garbage in B District.
  3. Collect Garbage in C District.
  4. Collect Garbage in D District.
  5. Collect Garbage in E District.

You have 7 crashes. Your truck's stats are all 1.

Patrolling the Island

Go around the whole city within the time limit, hold control while you drive.

  1. Move to the 1st partolling area. (02:10 - 7 Crashes)
  2. Move to the 2nd partolling area. (00:50 - 6 Crashes)
  3. Move to the 3rd partolling area. (01:40 - 6 Crashes)
  4. Move to the 4th partolling area. (01:40 - 6 Crashes)
  5. Move to the 5th partolling area. (??:?? - 6 Crashes)
  • Exp : 255
  • Mito : 800

The Old Man of Polk Mountain Cabin - 1

  1. Buy some doughnuts at the 3rd branch of the Fogel Backery (00:35)
  2. Safely deliver the doughnuts to the Polk Mountain Cabin (01:20 - 7 Crashes)
  • Exp : 105
  • Mito : 300

Speed Patrolling

  1. Go to the Moon Palace Car Center
  2. Patrol the Drossel Shopping street within the time limit (00:45)
  3. Patrol the Drossel Shopping street within the time limit (00:22)
  4. Patrol the Drossel Shopping street within the time limit
  5. Patrol the Drossel Shopping street within the time limit
  • Exp: 195
  • Mito: 300

The Old Man of Polk Mountain Cabin - 2

  1. Get the document from the Rivistar Bookstore.
  2. Deliver the document to Branton.

Dangerous Trail Mission

  1. Wait for Branton's car.
  2. Pursue Branton's car while being undetected
  • Exp: 120
  • Mito: 350

Arrest Branton

  1. Join Instructor Duffy at the Ruins Hotel.(00:40)
  2. Go to the Polk Mountain Cabin.(01:20)
  3. Chase Branton. He has fled to the Mittron Mining Complex! (01:18^)
  • Exp: 210
  • Mito: 350

You don't actually chase Branton. He runs off to Koinonia


  1. Go to the OMD Government Clompex, and report the failure to arrest Branton to Director Green.
  2. GO to Station 3, and get a pass from Yuni
  • Exp: 120
  • Mito: 20000



Vegetable Juice Delivery

Rice Soup Delivery

Financial Summary Delivery

Flower Delivery


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