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Traditional 無人駕駛
Simplified 无人驾驶
Pinyin Wu Ren Jia Shi
Directed by Zhang Yang
Produced by Han Sanping
Wang BiaoXia
Qin Hong
Written by Zhang Chong
Starring Liu Ye
Ruby Lin
Gao Yuanyuan
Li Xiaoran
Wang Luo Dan
Jianbin Chen
Music by Zhang Ya Dong
Cinematography Cao Yu
Editing by Yang Hong Yu
Xu HongYu
Studio China Film Group
Stella Mega Film
Distributed by China Film Group Inc
Phoenix Television
Easternlight Films
Beijing M&Y Center Media
Release date(s) 2 July 2010 (2010-07-02)
Country China
Language Mandarin

Driverless is a 2010 Chinese romance film directed by Zhang Yang and starring Liu Ye, Ruby Lin, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran, Jianbin Chen and Wang Luo Dan. Director Zhang Yang says that this movie is an updated version of his 1997 film "Spicy Love Soup", and it presents love stories set in our current "material era."[1]

It is composed of three separate stories in modern society. The complicated relationships of the main characters in each story present "not beautiful but real life."[2]



Driverless is about three love stories that are intertwined by a car accident.

It deals with several relationship issues: the seven year itch, reuniting with a first love, one night stands, May-December romances, and extramarital affairs.

The director hoped to present love stories set in our current "materialistic era", and force audiences to consider what the standard is to measure love. Should we be loyal to money, material things or our own hearts?[3]


  • Liu Ye as Zhi Xiong
  • Li Xiaoran as Qi Zi (Zhi Xiong's wife)
  • Gao Yuanyuan Zhi Xiong's ex girlfriend
  • Chen Jian bin as Wang Yao
  • Ruby Lin as Wang Dan
  • Wang Luodan as Li Xin
  • Huang Xuan as Li Jia

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