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The Cyprus driving licence is the official document issued in Cyprus to authorise its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle on public roads.

Only Cyprus residents who have lived in the country for at least six months can apply for one. It can be acquired either through taking the Cyprus driving test, or through exchanging an existing foreign licence on a like for like basis. This exchange only applies for approved countries.

Furthermore, EU residents in Cyprus can continue to drive on a full domestic licence until that expires providing: a) the licence was issued by an EU member state, b) it is valid, c) the holder has reached the minimum age for the particular vehicle applicable in Cyprus.

Licences are issued by the Department of Transport which forms part of the Ministry of Communications and Works. Mopeds (less than 50cc) can be driven on a learner's licence from the age of 17 and cars from the age of 18. High capacity motorcycles and certain heavier vehicles can only be driven over the age of 21.

As of 2008, the cost is €59.80 (up to 60 years of age), € 25.63 (60 to 65 years of age) and for those over 65 it is free. Drivers over 70 years of age require a fitness to drive certificate from a medical doctor.

A Cyprus licence is valid in all EU member states. They are printed on paper, show the holder's photograph and have the standard EU vehicle categories.

Offenses such as speeding and drink driving are strictly policed and penalty points can be imposed on driving licences when caught. In certain serious cases or in repeat offenses accumulating enough points a driving licence is revoked on a temporary or permanent basis.

Driving licenses only apply for use of vehicles on public roads. Any vehicle can be driven on one's own land (or another person's, with the owner's permission) without a licence.

Northern Cyprus Driver's licenses

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus drivers licenses can be obtained by TRNC citizens and citizens of other nations that need to swap their current license to continue driving in the TRNC. TRNC car and motorcycle licenses can be obtained at the age of 18, following a theory exam and a practical exam on public roads. TRNC licenses are valid for use worldwide for a given time frame, as are all other licenses. Since the opening of the Turkish-Greek border checkpoints in Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus accepts TRNC issued licenses as valid for use on their roads. The Republic Cyprus licenses are also valid for use in the TRNC.

Unlike the Republic of Cyprus (Southern Cyprus), the TRNC issues their licenses in the form of a license card, rather than on paper. Turkish and English are the languages used on the license card.

TRNC Licenses are valid for 9 months upon arrival to the United Kingdom. When this 9 month time frame has elapsed, the license holder must take a theory exam in the UK and swap their license with a UK issued one, if they wish to continue driving.

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