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Drohobych ghetto was a ghetto created by Nazi Germany for the local Jews following their take over of the region during the German invasion of Russia.


Drohobych is a city now located in Lviv Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. Historically Drohobych was also part of the Second Polish Republic (as Drohobycz) until 1939. It was the scene of Nazi atrocities against the local Jewish population which was concentrated within a ghetto in the city.

World War II

In September, 1939, the city was attached to Soviet Ukraine when the territory of the interwar Poland was divided between the Nazi Germany and the USSR. In Soviet Ukraine Drohobych became a center of the Drohobych Oblast (province). Its local Polish boyscouts created the White Couriers organization, which in late 1939 and early 1940 smuggled hundreds of people from Soviet Union to Hungary, across the Soviet-Hungarian border in the Carpathians. In early July, 1941, during the first weeks of the Nazi invasion of the USSR, the city was occupied by the Nazi Germany. As Drohobych had a significant Jewish population, the city became a site of the large ghetto which the Nazis liquidated in June 1943.[1] On August 6, 1944, Drohobych was was liberated from the Nazi by the forces of the Red Army.[2]




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