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Dschang is located in Cameroon
Location in Cameroon
Coordinates: 5°27′N 10°04′E / 5.45°N 10.067°E / 5.45; 10.067
Country Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon
Province West
Department Ménoua
Dschang market

Dschang is a city located in the West (Ouest) Province of Cameroon, with an estimated population of 87,000 (est) in 2001. This has grown dramatically from 21,705 recorded in 1981. [1] It is the capital of the division of Ménoua.




Colonial era

The documented history of Dschang began in 1895, when it was "discovered" by a German military mission. In 1909, the city replaced Fontem as the capital of a Germany military district. The region where Dschang now exists was not then the place of any major settlement, but was instead an area which two bordering chiefdoms fought over. The name Dschang translates to "dispute" in the local language.

Following Germany's defeat in World War I, Cameroon became a British possession in 1917. The country was subsequently handed over to the French in 1920, who declared Dschang to be the capital of Ouest Province, and developed the city's vacation resort in the 1940s. This resort now forms the basis of Dsh's plans to promote Dschang as a tourist destination.

Post-colonial era

On January 1, 1960, Cameroon became an independent state, and the regional administration was moved to the city of Bafoussam. Dschang suffered from this move, as much more effort was invested in the infrastructure of Bafoussam.

Following the institution of the Université de Dschang (University of Dschang) in 1993, however, foreign interest and developmental investment of the city began to increase, and plans for a drive to increase tourism and the exploitation of mineral deposits will contribute to the city's development.

The current Mayor of Dschang is Pr. Bernard Momo

The 2006 Population is estimated to be 200000 inhabitants


Due to its high elevation of over 1400 m [2], Dschang is favoured by relatively cool temperatures and attractive scenery. It is therefore regarded as a mountain tourist resort.

Deposits of the aluminum-bearing ore bauxite have been discovered nearby [3]; however, a lack of infrastructure has prevented full-scale mining operations to date.

Coordinates: 5°27′N 10°04′E / 5.45°N 10.067°E / 5.45; 10.067


The population of Dschang mainly speaks Yemba, a Bamileke language.

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