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Duathlon is an athletic event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlons. The International Triathlon Union governs the sport internationally.[1]


Relationships to similar sports

Duathlons are most similar to triathlons, with the key difference being the lack of a swimming leg. Another sport derived from triathlon is aquathlon, which combines swimming and running but has omitted the cycling part.

Notable duathlons

Two-time Ironkids national champion Kiersten Inserni - youngest winner of the women's division of the Dirty Du.

The world's largest duathlon to date is the inaugural London Duathlon, which took place on 17 September 2005 in Richmond Park, Surrey. Approximately 2,500 people took part. The main race consisted of a 10 km run, 20 km cycle ride and 5 km run.

The World's premier duathlon is Powerman Zofingen, in Switzerland. It's a hilly 10 km run, mostly on trails, followed by a very hilly 150 km road bike consisting of three 50 km loops each of which feature the feared Bodenburg ascent (scene of Kenny Souza's famed DNF in a snow storm when he raced in a neon speedo and small tank top), and finally a very hilly 30 km two loop trail run. Mark Allen, six times Ironman Hawaii champion, has been quoted as saying Powerman Zofingen is the hardest race he ever participated in.

The largest duathlon in the United States is the Minneapolis Duathlon in Minnesota put on by the Team Ortho Foundation. In 2009, its first year, it had more than 1,000 participants. 68% of the participants were new to the sport of duathlon. The race is appealing, in part, because it has several different duathlon award categories for bikes: road, mountain, commuter, and single speed.

The longest continually running duathlon series is still organized by the NY Triathlon Club (www.nytc.org) in and around NY City, USA.

With the popularity of extreme sports, a new form of duathlon has become popular in the last few years. Referred to as an off-road duathlon, or "Dirty-Du", it consists of an off-road or trail run, followed by a mountain bike leg followed by a final off-road or trail run.

The Dirty Du off-road duathlon series, held in Texas, was made famous by Lance Armstrong, who won it in 2003.

The world's leading transport company, FirstGroup, hosted its inaugural duathlon, the First Monster Challenge, in September 2007. The 120 km team relay event held around the spectacular shores of Loch Ness attracted celebrities like Nell McAndrew, Kyran Bracken, Alastair Campbell and former athletes, Liz McColgan and Sonia O' Sullivan. The event raised many thousands of pounds for Save the Children.

Winter duathlon

Winter Duathlon is a take off Winter Triathlon with Run - XC Ski - Run legs. In 2007 various people including Channel Multisport are trying to grow the sport and encourage more people to participate in the hope that Winter Triathlon will be included in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Another use of the duathlon is in cross country skiing where skiers have a mass start using the classical technique and ski a specific distance (men - 15 km, women - 7.5 km), then change their skis, poles, and boots in a pit stop manner similar to a triathlon, then ski at the same specific distance (men - 15 km, women - 7.5 km) in the freestyle (skating) technique. The winner of the event is the competitor who crosses the finish line first. It was first introduced at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2003 in Val di Fiemme as a 10 km + 10 km event for men, 5 km + 5 km event for women. The distances for the double pursuit were lengthed to their current length at the following world championships in Obertsdorf. This is referred to as a double pursuit.

Notable Duathletes

  • Kenny Souza
  • Andrea Ratkovic - multiple U.S. National Pro Duathlon Champion titles, bronze medal World Elite Long-Course Duathlon Championships, Dannon Duathlon Series winner, Elite Duathlete of the Year, Rookie Duathlete of the Year, numerous Powerman wins, Oklahoma State Duathlon Champion
  • Benny Vansteelant - winner of the World Duathlon, World Long-Distance Duathlon, European Duathlon and numerous Powerman titles.
  • Joerie Vansteelant - winner of the World Long-Distance Duathlon 2007
  • Catriona Morrison - 2007 Long-Distance Duathon Champion, 2007 European Duathlon Champion, 2006 Duathlon World Champion
  • Koen Maris - 2007 Powerman Duathlon World Champion (10km/150km/30km)
  • Ryan Clements - 2008 Guelph Duathlon Co-Champion
  • Sean Snider - 2008 Guelph Duathlon Co-champion

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