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Herzogtum Schwaben (de)
Ducatus Suebia (la)
Duchy of Swabia
Stem duchy of the Frankish
and Holy Roman Empires
Image missing
911 – 1268
1289 – 1313

Coat of arms

Map showing Upper Burgundy and the Duchy of Swabia
Capital Uncertain
Government Principality
Historical era Early Middle Ages
 - Formed from stem duchy
   of Alemannia
911 911
 - Duchy discontinued 1268
 - Duchy resurrected for
   the Habsburgs
 - Disestablished 1313

The following is a list of Dukes of Swabia in southwest Germany. Swabia was one of the five stem duchies of the medieval German kingdom, and its dukes were thus among the most powerful magnates of Germany. The most notable family to hold Swabia were the Hohenstaufen, who held it, with a brief interruption, from 1079 until 1268. For much of this period, the Hohenstaufen were also Holy Roman Emperors. With the death of Conradin, the last Hohenstaufen duke, the duchy itself disintegrated, although King Rudolf I attempted to revive it for his Habsburg family in the late-13th century.


Dukes of Alamannia


Merovingian dukes

Dukes of Swabia

Miscellaneous houses


House of Babenberg

Miscellaneous houses

House of Hohenstaufen

House of Guelph

Hohenstaufen restored

House of Habsburg

Successor states

In the 13th century, the Duchy of Swabia disintegrated into numerous smaller states. Some of the more important immediate successor states were:

During the following century, several of these states were acquired by the County of Württemberg or the Duchy of Austria, as marked above.

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