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Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English, available in Spanish through SAP
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 16
Executive producer(s) Chuck Dalaklis
Producer(s) Cameron Dieterich, Vincent Cariati
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Dalaklis Media Enterprises
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run August 19, 2009 (2009-08-19) – Present
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Dude, What Would Happen is a live-action Cartoon Network series targeted to viewers ages 9–17. The show first aired on August 19, 2009, along with Bobb'e Says. The show is hosted by three male teenagers (C.J. Manigo, Jackson Rogow, and Ali Sepasyar) who wonder what would happen if some wild event, scheme, or experiment were to occur. The three teens try to create the event themselves, and consult experts ("the Lab Dudes") when needed. The show has proven to be a ratings success for Cartoon Network and additional episodes of the series have recently been ordered.[1] In the "Dude's Make it Happen" weekend special, it was revealed that new episodes were coming.


Season One: 2009–2010

Episode # Title Original Airdate Episode Description
1 Underwater Roll / Defying Gravity / Pirates vs. Vikings August 19, 2009 C.J., Jackson and Ali try to cool off on a hot day, defy gravity with balloons and have a battle between pirates and vikings.
2 Remote-Controlled Objects / Fire vs. Ice /Pizza Delivery Improvements August 26, 2009 C.J., Jackson and Ali try to remote-control sports, have a battle between a flamethrower and an ice cannon and try to improve pizza delivery.
3 Zits / Water Walk / Like vs. Like September 2, 2009 C.J., Jackson and Ali pop "some awesome acne", walk on a human bridge, and have a "like vs. like" contest.
4 Dodgeball / Loudest Fart / Cartoons September 9, 2009 C.J., Jackson and Ali play video game dodge-ball, try to make the loudest fart noise and try using 100 whoppie coushies a one big open, and reenact cartoon charters.
5 New Brakes / Water Sports without Water / Superheroes September 16, 2009 C.J., Jackson and Ali took brakes to new heights, try water sports without the water, and try to emulate superheroes.
6 Wind Power / Popcorn / Superpowers September 23, 2009 C.J., Jackson and Ali try to play sports in hurricane-like weather, make their own superhero alter egos to help with their chores and make popcorn without a microwave.
7 Revenge of the Pigs / Peanut Butter / Spy Dudes February 24, 2010 C.J., Jackson and Ali play The Three Little Pigs beating the Big Bad Wolf, unleash the "power of peanut butter" to the max and become super spies.
8 Pimp My Hide / Car vs. Boat / Animal Snacks March 3, 2010 C.J., Jackson and Ali design their own fashions, have a race between a car and a boat, and become animal foods.
9 Speeding Up School / Piñatas / Vampires March 10, 2010 C.J., Jackson and Ali think of new ways to get to class, have a piñata battle, and invite Bobb'e J. Thompson to help "slay" vampires.
10 Party Games / Superhero Rescues / Basketball March 17, 2010 C.J., Jackson and Ali make simple party games more hard core, do some superhero rescuing, and take basketball to a new level.

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